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The handy mm calculator helps you convert millimeters values to the other length units in the metric and imperial system. Here, we will cover what is a mm (millimetre) and how to convert mm to m, among other length units.

What is a mm (millimetre)?

What does mm mean? The two letters mm stands for millimeter, and it's a unit for expressing length.

Remember everybody express their height in centimeters or in a combination of feet and inches, depending on where you live. Those values refer to the length of something, exactly as the millimetre.

How much is a millimeter? The mm is 1000th of a meter (m), and a meter is equal to 1/299,792,458 of the distance that light travels in a vacuum space in one second.

How to convert mm to m?

Now that we know what mm means, we can use the following picture to describe how to convert millimeter to meters.

length conversion chart - metric system. Km to m to cm to mm.

You have to divide by ten and then by 100. Be careful with these factors; otherwise, you would end up converting millimeters to kilometers. In any case, you can check the result in our mm calculator.

Let's put an example: I want to know how many meters are in 1430 millimeters:

1430 mm/10=143 cm\footnotesize \rm {1430 \ mm / 10 = 143 \ cm}, then
143 cm/100=1.43 meters\footnotesize \rm {143 \ cm / 100 = 1.43 \ meters}

Note how we followed the steps according to the picture above. You could do the same if you want to convert to cm, m, or km.

How to convert mm to inches?

In this case, you have to remember that 1 inch equals 25.4 mm. Then if you have mm, you only have to divide it by 25.4. Imagine I want to express 1785 millimeters in inches; then,

1785 mm/25.4=70.28 inches\footnotesize \rm {1785 \ mm / 25.4 = 70.28 \ inches}

Our mm calculator offers a wide variety of possibilities, as you might have seen already: You can change mm to m, cm, km, in, ft, yd, mi, among others.


What is 1000th of a meter?

The 1000th of a meter equals 0.001 m, an inconvenient value because of the decimal part. Thus, we call express it in millimeters. The 1000th of a meter equals 1 mm.

What is 3/8 inches to mm?

9.525 mm. Here's how we arrived at that answer:

  1. Divide the numerator by the denominator. That is 0.375.
  2. Multiply the results by the the conversion factor for inches to mm: 25.4.
  3. Enjoy your distance measurement in the imperial weight system.



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