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Kilometer Calculator

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In the cool kilometer calculator, we help you convert such large length unit into several ones from different distance systems:

  1. Kilometers to miles, feet, yard, inches.
  2. Kilometers to meters, centimeters, and millimeters.

Keep reading and find out everyday conversions you might consider helpful, like how many kilometers are in a mile or how many meters are in a kilometer.

What is a kilometer?

A kilometer is a distance unit that is part of the metric measurement system that represents a thousand meters:

1km=1,000 meters\footnotesize \rm {1km = 1,000 \ meters}

Therefore, from the length converter calculator, we get the following conversion factors:

1km=100,000 cm\footnotesize \rm {1km = 100,000 \ cm}
1km=1,000,000 mm\footnotesize \rm {1 km = 1,000,000 \ mm }

But what if we need to convert miles to kilometers?

Then we can use the following conversion factor:

1mile=1.6093 km\footnotesize \rm { 1 mile = 1.6093 \ km}

Besides, for taking the other way around, now divide one by 1.6093. If you want to convert kilometers to miles, you use:

1km=0.6214 miles\footnotesize \rm { 1 km = 0.6214 \ miles}

Furthermore, you can use the imperial conversions to get yourself around feet, yards, and inches:

1mile=1760 yards\footnotesize \rm { 1 mile = 1760 \ yards}
1mile=5280 feet\footnotesize \rm {1 mile = 5280 \ feet }
1mile=63360 inches\footnotesize \rm {1 mile = 63360 \ inches }

Don't worry about memorizing these conversion factors; that is why we created the fantastic kilometer calculator for you.

How to use our kilometer calculator?

You can use our kilometer calculator in two ways:

  1. Type the kilometer value you want to convert and see how our tool provides its equivalent in 7 different units.
  2. Type the unit you have. It can be mm, miles, yard, among others, and our tool will indicate its value in kilometers.

Let's see an example in-between values of the metric measurement system: How many meters are in 1.92 kilometers? Also, let's express the result in yards.

  • We will use the conversion factor: 1 km=1,000 meters\footnotesize \rm { 1 \ km = 1,000 \ meters }

    1.92 km=1920 m\footnotesize \rm {1.92 \ km = 1920 \ m}

  • For yards, we will use two conversion factors: 1 km=0.6214 miles\footnotesize \rm {1 \ km = 0.6214 \ miles} and 1 mile=1760 yards\footnotesize \rm {1 \ mile = 1760 \ yards}; therefore, we have:

1.92km0.6214mi1km1760yd1mi=2099.7yd \footnotesize 1.92 km * \frac {0.6214mi} {1 km} * \frac {1760 yd} {1 mi} = 2099.7 yd

How many kilometers are in a mile?

1.6093 kilometers. You can also calculate it this way:

  1. Remember 1609.3 meters build a mile.
  2. Divide 1609.3 meters by the conversion factor for meters to kilometers.
  3. The result is the equivalent of a mile expressed in kilometers.

What is 100 kilometers in miles?

61.14 miles. You can follow the next steps for obtaining the same value:

  1. Note the conversion factor from kilometers to miles: 1.6093 miles equals one kilometer.
  2. Divide 100 kilometers by the conversion factor: 100 / 1.6093.
  3. The result is your kilometers value expressed in miles: 61.14 miles.




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