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In the fantastic centimeter calculator, we help you convert that essential length units into several ones from different distance systems:

  1. Centimeters to miles, feet, yard, inches.
  2. Centimeters to meters, centimeters, and millimeters.

Keep reading and find out everyday conversions you might consider helpful, like how many centimeters are in a meter or how many centimeters are in a foot.

What is a centimeter?

A centimeter is a distance unit that is part of the metric measurement system that represents the 100th of a meter:

1 cm=0.01 meters\footnotesize \rm{1 \ cm = 0.01 \ meters}
100 cm=1 meters\footnotesize \rm{100 \ cm = 1 \ meters}

Therefore, from the length converter calculator, we get the following conversion factors for cm to mm and km to cm, respectively.

1 cm=10 mm\footnotesize \rm{1 \ cm = 10 \ mm}
1 km=100,000 cm\footnotesize \rm{1 \ km = 100,000 \ cm}

But what if we need to convert centimeters to inches?

Then we can use the following conversion factor:

1 inch=2.54 cm\footnotesize \rm{1 \ inch= 2.54 \ cm}

Furthermore, if we remember how many inches are in a foot, 1 ft=12 in\footnotesize \rm{1 \ ft = 12 \ in}, we can get how many centimeters are in a foot.

1 inch×12=2.54 cm×12\footnotesize \rm{1 \ inch \times 12 = 2.54 \ cm \times 12}
12 inch=30.48 cm\footnotesize \rm{12 \ inch = 30.48 \ cm}
1 ft=30.48 cm\footnotesize \rm{ 1 \ ft= 30.48 \ cm}

Furthermore, you can use the imperial conversions to get yourself around feet, yards, and inches:

1 ft=0.3333 yd\footnotesize \rm{1 \ ft = 0.3333 \ yd}
1 ft=0.0001894 mi\footnotesize \rm{1 \ ft = 0.0001894 \ mi}

Don't worry about memorizing these conversion factors; that is why we created the fantastic centimeter calculator for you.

How to use our centimeter calculator?

You can use our centimeter calculator in two ways:

  1. Type the centimeter value you want to convert and see how our tool provides its equivalent in 7 different units, including cm to mm, yd, mi, and in.
  2. Type the unit you have. It can be millimeters, miles, yards, among others, and our tool will indicate its value in centimeters.

As an example, let's determine centimeters are in 10 miles. We are going to use the conversion factors explained above.

  1. First, we convert miles to inches.

    10 miles(1 feet/0.0001894 mi)=52,800 feet\footnotesize \rm{10 \ miles * (1 \ feet / 0.0001894 \ mi) = 52,800 \ feet}

  2. Second, we remember how many centimeters are in a foot, 1 ft=30.48 cm\footnotesize \rm{1 \ ft= 30.48 \ cm}, and then we multiply for such factor.

52,800 feet(30.48 cm/ft)=1,609,344 cm\footnotesize \rm{52,800 \ feet * (30.48 \ cm / ft) = 1,609,344 \ cm}


How many millimeters are in a centimeter?

10 millimeters. You can confirm it by taking a rule or a metric tape. You can also conduct the same analysis:

  1. First, remember that 1 meter is 1000 mm. Also, we need to know that 1 meter equals 100 cm. Consequently, 1000 mm equals 100 cm.
  2. Second, divide the equation by 100, meaning 1000 mm by 100 and 100 cm by 100. You will get 10 mm equals 1 cm.

How many centimeters are in 10 inch?

25.4 cm. You have to follow the next instructions to get such value:

  1. Remember we have to use the centimeter to inch factor: 2.54 cm equals 1 inch.
  2. Multiply the factor by ten, and you will get the result: 2.54 cm x 10 equals 25.4cm.
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