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The handy millimeter calculator enables quick conversion of several metric and imperial units such as:

  • Millimeters to inches; or
  • Millimeteres to meters.

It also helps when you have other units and want to get its value in millimeters:

  • Centimeters to millimeters; or
  • Inches to millimeters.

Keep reading this short article and find out how this powerful calculator can help you in your daily routine.

What are millimeters? Metric system conversion

Millimeters are the 1000th part of a meter. It is normally used to express the distance between two points or measure an object's length. For changing millimeters to meters, we use the next conversion factor:

1 millimeter=1/1000 meters=0.001 m\footnotesize \rm{1 \ millimeter = 1 / 1000 \ meters = 0.001 \ m}

Besides, the meter is defined as the distance of the path traveled by light in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second.

Now, if we remember that 100 centimeters are 1 meter, then if we divide it by 1000:

1/1000 m=100/1000 cm\footnotesize \rm{1 / 1000 \ m = 100 / 1000 \ cm}
1 millimeter=0.1 cm\footnotesize \rm{1 \ millimeter = 0.1 \ cm}

Also, if 1000 meters are 1 kilometer, then:

1 m×1000=1000 mm×1000\footnotesize \rm{1 \ m \times 1000 = 1000 \ mm \times 1000}
1 km=1,000,000 mm\footnotesize \rm{1 \ km = 1,000,000 \ mm}

Keep reading. In this millimeter calculator, we will find out how to convert millimeters to inches and other units.

How to convert millimeters to inches?

Our millimeter calculator has the feature to convert millimeters to several imperial system metrics. One of them is the inch. The inch definition is:

1 inch=2.54 cm\footnotesize \rm{1 \ inch = 2.54 \ cm}.

So, if we know that 1 cm equals 10 mm, how many millimeters are in an inch? Quite easy:

1 inch=2.54 cm×10=25.4 mm\footnotesize \rm{1 \ inch = 2.54 \ cm \times 10 = 25.4 \ mm}.

Our millimeters calculator can also help you determine millimeter value expressed in yards, feet, and miles.

How to use our millimeter calculator?

Imagine you have one of these questions:

  • How many millimeters are in an inch?
  • How many millimeters are in a meter?

You can use our tool to find it out. Follow the next steps:

  1. Introduce your millimeter's value, and instantly, the calculator will show the inch conversion value, as well as the meter's value.
  2. Also, you can start typing the value expressed in meters or inches, and it will indicate the original length in millimeters.


How many millimeters are in one inch?

25.4 mm. Here is how you can use that information on a daily basis:

  1. Consider your smartphone screen is 6 inches.
  2. Multiply six by 25.4.
  3. The result is 152.4 mm. That's the size of your phone screen.

How many millimeters are in a centimeter?

10 mm. Whenever you have millimeters values and want to express them in centimeters, follow the next instructions:

  1. Pick the millimeters value and divide it by 10.
  2. The result indicates the original value in centimeters. For example, a 200 mm screen has the same length as a 20 cm one.
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