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Lot Size to Square Feet Calculator

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Our lot size to square feet calculator is a simple tool to determine the land area in square feet. Calculating lot area can be a hassle, especially if you also have to deal with unit conversion. But you need not fret any further, for our calculator will handle both area calculation and unit conversion for you!

In the following article, we shall take a quick look at how to calculate lot size in square feet so you are familiar with how it is done!

Calculating lot size in square feet

In most cases, the lots are rectangular in shape. So, calculating the size of a lot is as straightforward as finding the area of a rectangle:

Area=lengthwidth\rm Area = length \cdot width


  • Area\rm Area - Area of the rectangular lot;
  • length\rm length - Length of the rectangular lot; and
  • width\rm width - Width of the rectangular lot.

If you measure length and width in feet, you're directly calculating area in square feet! If you're using a different unit than feet, say meters, then you're calculating area in another unit, too! Then, you must convert the resultant lot size from that unit to square feet.

The following area unit conversion table will be helpful in this task:

Square feet conversion rate for different units.

Area unit

Square feet (ft2) conversion

Square meters (m2)

1 m2 = 10.76391 ft2

Square kilometers (km2)

1 km2 = 10763910 ft2

Square yard (yd2)

1 yd2 = 9 ft2

Square miles (mi2)

1 mi2 = 27878400 ft2

ares (a)

1 a = 1076.391 ft2

decares (da)

1 da = 10763.91 ft2

hectares (da)

1 ha = 107639.1 ft2

acres (ac)

1 ac = 43559.995 ft2

1 soccer field (sf)

1 sf = 76854.32 ft2

Example lot size calculation

Consider a plot with dimensions of 24 ft × 18 ft. We can calculate the lot size in square feet directly:

Area=lengthwidth=24 ft×18 ft=432 ft2\begin{align*} \rm Area &= \rm length \cdot width\\ &= \rm 24 \text{ }ft \times 18 \text{ }ft = 432 \text{ }ft^2 \end{align*}

Say another plot of land is measured in yards. Its length is 15 yards, while its width is 12 yards. How do we calculate its lot size in square feet?

Let's begin by calculating lot size in square yards:

Area=lengthwidth=15 yd×12 yd=180 yd2\begin{align*} \rm Area &= \rm length \cdot width\\ &= \rm 15 \text{ }yd \times 12 \text{ }yd = 180 \text{ }yd^2 \end{align*}

Next, we find the square yards to square feet conversion rate - 1 yd2=9 ft21 \text{ yd}^2 = 9 \text{ ft}^2. Using this, let's convert our answer into square feet:

Area=180 yd2×9 ft2/yd2=1620 ft2\begin{align*} \rm Area &= \rm 180 \text{ }yd^2 \times 9\text{ } ft^2/yd^2\\ &= \rm 1620 \text{ }ft^2 \end{align*}

How to use this lot size to square feet calculator

Our lot size to square feet calculator is a user-friendly tool:

  1. Enter the length and width of the plot in the units of your choice.

  2. The tool will calculate lot size in square feet by default. You can change the area unit to a different one if you prefer.

  3. Once you have the area, you can use it to calculate the lot price:

    1. Click on the Unit and total price to expand the hidden section.
    2. Provide the price per square foot to obtain the total price of the land.

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