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Lot Size to Acres Calculator

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Our lot size to acres is a quick and easy tool to calculate lot size in acres. You can also use this calculator to convert lot size to acres from a different unit.

While area calculation and conversion may sound easy at the surface level, it can easily become tedious and error-prone! In the following article, we shall briefly go over how to calculate lot size in acres and conversion rates between acres and other area units.

Calculating lot size in acres

In most cases, calculating lot size is as straightforward as calculating the area of the rectangular plot of land using the rectangle area formula:

Area=lengthwidth\rm Area = length \cdot width


  • Area\rm Area -Area of the rectangular lot;

  • length\rm length - Length of the lot; and

  • width\rm width - Width of the lot.

🔎 Occasionally, a plot may not be rectangular. In such cases, try to divide the plot into shapes that resemble regular geometry, such as rectangles, triangles, etc. Then, you can calculate the area of individual parts and sum them up to find the total lot area!

Next, you must convert your area into acres. To do this, you need to know the various conversion rates summarized in the table below:

Conversion rate from different units to acres.

Area unit

acre (ac) conversion rate

Square meters (m2)

1 m2 = 0.0002471054 ac

Square kilometers (km2)

1 km2 = 247.1054 ac

Square feet (ft2)

1 ft2 = 0.00002295684 ac

Square yard (yd2)

1 yd2 = 0.0002066116 ac

Square miles (mi2)

1 mi2 = 640 ac

ares (a)

1 a = 0.02471054 ac

decares (da)

1 da = 0.2471054 ac

hectares (da)

1 ha = 2.471054 ac

1 soccer field (sf)

1 sf = 1.764333 ac

The following section will show an example of lot size calculation and conversion to acres!

Example lot size to acres calculation

You came across a piece of land 175 yd in length and 150 yd in width. How do you calculate and convert lot size to acres?

  1. Find the lot size in square yards:
Area=lengthwidth=175 yd×150 yd=26250 yd2\qquad \begin{align*} \rm Area &= \rm length \cdot width\\ &= \rm 175 \text{ }yd \times 150 \text{ }yd\\ &= \rm 26250 \text{ }yd^2 \end{align*}
  1. Find the conversion rate from square yards to acres.
1 yd2=0.0002066116 ac\qquad \rm 1 \text{ } yd^2 = 0.0002066116 \text{ }ac
  1. Multiply this conversion rate with the area to obtain lot size in acres:
Area=26250 yd2×0.0002066116 ac/yd2=5.42355 ac\qquad \begin{align*} \rm Area &= \rm 26250 \text{ }yd^2 \times 0.0002066116 \text{ }ac/yd^2\\ &= \rm 5.42355 \text{ }ac \end{align*}

How to use this lot size to acres calculator

Our lot size to acres calculator is a quick and easy tool to use:

  1. Enter the length and width of the plot in your preferred unit.

  2. The tool will calculate lot size in acres automatically.

  3. If you wish to convert the lot size from acres to another unit, you have to click on the area unit and change it to the one you prefer.

  4. Once you have a valid entry for the area, you can even determine the total price of the lot:

    1. Click on the unit and total price to expand this section.
    2. Enter a unit price for the lot.
    3. The calculator will estimate the total price of the lot.

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