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This acreage calculator helps you measure a piece of land or quickly convert between the imperial and the metric system's units for area. It can be useful when working out the total area or cost of specific materials that have to be used to cover a given plot of land. Simply provide a width and a length and you'll get an area, instantaneously. Optionally, if you provide a price per unit of area (for example how much that land costs per acre) and you'll know what the cost of the whole area is. You can also convert hectares to acres, acres to square meters, acres to square miles or pretty much any other unit of area.

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Acreage calculator - how does it work?

All you need to know to measure the acreage of a piece of land is its width and length, expressed in either metric or imperial units. The acre has had several definitions throughout time, but the most common on in current times is the international acre, defined as 4046.86 square meters. Acreage calculator can also quickly determine acreage based on width and length expressed in:

  • centimeters
  • meters
  • kilometers
  • inches
  • feet
  • yards
  • miles
  • and even millimeters and nautical miles!

Other tools that can be used for similar operations are the square footage calculator and the area conversion tool.

Hectares to acres

This tool can also quickly convert hectares to acres based on the provided values. Simply click on the 'a' (acres) and from the drop-down list choose 'ha' (hectares). It's not a straightforwards operation as 1 acre equals 0.4047 hectares but results are still returned in real time. Acres are used mainly in English-speaking countries such as USA, UK, Canada or Australia but also in Jamaica, Ghana or India. As most of these countries use metric system (which makes it easy to work out hectares, knowing how to convert hectares to acres is still a very useful skill.

Acres to square meters

Another possible conversion is acres to square meters, it is another convenient option on the drop-down list. Simply type in your result in acres (or calculate it based on width and length in any unit). Change the unit to acres then and the result will appear. Although not as popular as acres and hectares, converting from and to square meters is still a useful tool in your belt. With this tool it becomes even easier to calculate, even if you are using the imperial system.

Acres to square miles

You might also be interested in converting acres to square miles. It can be achieved by changing a unit in the drop-down list, as with the other conversions. Changing acres to square miles without a calculator is also quite complicated, because, just like with hectares and square meters, the conversion factor is nor simple; in this case 1 acre equals 0.0015625 miles. The reverse operation (square miles to acres) is also possible. You can do so by simply inputting the value in miles and then changing the units to acres.


How do I convert hectares to acres?

To convert the area given in hectares to acres, you need to:

  1. Write down the area in hectares.
  2. Multiply the number from Step 1 by 2.471054.
  3. The product you've got is the area expressed in acres.
  4. That's it! If you need the opposite conversion, i.e., form acres to hectares, you need to divide in Step 2 instead of multiplying.

How do I convert acres to square meters?

To convert the area given in acres to sq meters, you need to:

  1. Recall that one acre is 4 046.85642 square meters.
  2. Multiply the area given in acres by 4 046.85642.
  3. The product you've got is the area expressed in square meters.
  4. You're done! It's not hard to convert acres to square meters, is it?

What is 20 hectares in acres?

The answer is approximately 49.42 acres. This is because one hectare is equal to 2.471054 acres. Multiplying this number by 20, you arrive at the result.

What is bigger: 1 acre or hectare?

1 hectare is bigger than 1 acre. One hectare contains 2.471054 acres, or, in other words, one acre is equal to a little bit more than 0.4 of a hectare.

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