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This area converter will help you quickly switch between any units of area from both metric and imperial systems. It lets you switch between acres, hectares, square feet, and many others. You can also convert from m2 to ft2. It can also quickly answer how many acres are in a hectare, so you no longer need to argue with your neighbor about who has more land. You can use this tool to switch between dozens of units in a fraction of a second. Other similar calculators that you might find useful include the square footage calculator and the surface area calculator.

Area converter

In order to enable quick calculations, this area converter has been equipped with all the basic units from both the imperial and the metric systems, making it very easy to switch between any of them in real-time:

  • square millimeters
  • square centimeters
  • square decimeters
  • square meters
  • square kilometers
  • square inches
  • square feet
  • square yards
  • square miles
  • ares
  • decares
  • hectares
  • acres

The area conversion calculator can be used in any order. Simply type in the information you know, set the units you're looking to convert to, and get the results in no time. Our area converter can be especially useful when you are forced to switch between systems, e.g., convert square feet to acres. As with the previous examples, the tool will return your results immediately.

How to convert m² to ft²?

Although 1 m2 is not equal to 10 or 100 but 10.764ft2, the calculation in this area conversion calculator is very simple. Set the right units and simply type in the base amount. After that, the tool will quickly switch m2 to ft2. The converter also works in opposite direction. Type in the amount of ft2 and m2 will appear in the field next to it.

How many acres are in a hectare?

Calculating the number of acres in a hectare is another standard question that the area converter quickly answers. Although this calculation is quite simple (1 hectare = 2.471 acres), you can use the area converter anyway to ensure you don't miss any zeros in the process. Other custom area conversions can involve calculating square miles to square kilometers or square meters to square yards. Regardless of your choice, our calculator will return results in real-time.

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What is the difference between are and acre?

One are is equal to 100 square meters (10 meters by 10 meters), while one acre equals 4,047 square meters. If you want to convert acres to ares, multiply the area in acres by 40.468564224. e.g. 6 acres will be 6 × 40.468564224 = 242.8114 ares.

What is 50 m² in yd²?

To convert square meters (m²) to square yards (yd²):

  1. Find the conversion number: 1.19599.
  2. Multiply the figure in m²: 50 × 1.19599.
  3. Read the area: 59.7995 yd².

How many square feet are in an acre?

One acre is 43,560 square feet. To convert acres to square feet, simply multiply your figure by 43,560 square feet. Let's look at an example: 0.25 acres will be 0.25 × 43,560 = 10,890 square feet. An acre of land is a large area, not much smaller than the size of a football field, and equal to 15 tennis courts.

How many square miles are in an acre?

There are 0.0015625 square miles in 1 acre. If you are going to convert acres to square miles, multiply your figure in acres by 0.0015625. For example, 8 acres will be 8 × 0.0015625 = 0.0125 square miles.

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