Area conversion calculator will help you quickly switch between any units from both metric and imperial systems. It can serve as an area converter, letting you switch between acres, hectare, square feet and many others or convert e.g. m2 to ft2. Other similar calculators that you might find useful include square footage calculator, body surface area calculator, acreage calculator and surface area calculator.

Area converter

In order to enable quick calculations this area converter has been equipped with all the basic units from both systems, making it very easy to switch between any of them in real time::

  • square millimeters
  • square centimeters
  • square decimeters
  • square meters
  • square kilometers
  • square inches
  • square feet
  • square yards
  • square miles
  • ares
  • decares
  • hectares
  • acres

Area conversion calculator can be used in any order so simply type in the information you know, set the units you're looking to convert to and get the results in no time.

How to convert m2 to ft2?

Although 1 m2 equals not 10 or 100 but 10.764ft2, the calculation in this area conversion calculator is very simple. Set the right units and simply type in the base amount. After that, the tool will quickly switch m2 to ft2.

How many acres are in a hectare?

Calculating amount of acres in a hectare is another standard question that area conversion calculator quickly answers. Although this calculation is very simple (1 hectare = 100 acres), use the area converter anyway to make sure you don't miss any '0' in the process.

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Area Conversion Calculator