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Mbps to Gbps Converter

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This simple Mbps to Gbps converter lets you convert different data transfer rates. It means you can easily compare how many gigabits per second are in megabits per second – or gigabytes per second.

The units we will use in this tool are Gbps, GBps, and Mbps. You'll learn more about those abbreviations in the following paragraphs. If you're curious to learn whether Mbps to Gb conversion is possible, go to our FAQ section to find out.

Data transfer rate (DTR)

The data transfer rate is the ratio of digital data transferred from one endpoint to another in some given period of time. The data transfer rate is the measured speed at which network elements can exchange data. You can define it in bits per second or bytes per second. From a practical perspective, we use prefixes like "Kilo", "Mega", and "Giga" (thousands, millions, and billions).

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What does Mbps mean? Abbreviations explained

If you're wondering what Mbps means, we've prepared a short glossary:

  • Mbps – Megabit per second, often abbreviated as Mbps or Mb/s. There is 0.001 Gigabit per second in 1 Megabit per second.

  • Gbps – Gigabit per second, also written as Gbps or Gb/s. There are 1000 Megabits per second in 1 Gigabit per second.

  • GBps – Gigabyte per second, the unit symbol is GBps or GB/s. There are 8 Gigabits per second in 1 GigaByte per second.

How to convert Mbps to Gbps?

The formulas to convert between Mbps, Gbps and GBps are pretty simple – check them out!

1. How many Mbps in Gbps?

1 Gbps=10001 Mbps1\ \mathrm{Gbps} = 1000 \cdot 1\ \mathrm{Mbps}
1 Mbps=0.0011 Gbps1\ \mathrm{Mbps} = 0.001 \cdot 1\ \mathrm{Gbps}

Exemplary megabits per second to gigabits per second conversions:

  • 1 Mbps = 0.001 Gbps
  • 10 Mbps = 0.01 Gbps
  • 50 Mbps = 0.05 Gbps
  • 100 Mbps = 0.1 Gbps
  • 200 Mbps = 0.2 Gbps
  • 500 Mbps = 0.5 Gbps
  • 1000 Mbps = 1 Gbps

2. How many Mbps in GBps?

1 GBps=80001 Mbps1\ \mathrm{GBps} = 8000 \cdot 1\ \mathrm{Mbps}
1 Mbps=0.0001251 GBps1\ \mathrm{Mbps} = 0.000125 \cdot 1\ \mathrm{GBps}

Mbps to GBps conversions:

  • 1 Mbps = 0.000125 GBps
  • 10 Mbps = 0.00125 GBps
  • 50 Mbps = 0.00625 GBps
  • 100 Mbps = 0.0125 GBps
  • 200 Mbps = 0.025 GBps
  • 500 Mbps = 0.0625 GBps
  • 1000 Mbps = 0.125 GBps
  • 8000 Mbps = 1 GBps

3. How many Gbps in GBps?

1 GBps=81 Gbps1\ \mathrm{GBps} = 8 \cdot 1\ \mathrm{Gbps}
1 Gbps=0.1251 GBps1\ \mathrm{Gbps} = 0.125 \cdot 1\ \mathrm{GBps}

Gigabits per second to gigabytes per second – examples:

  • 8 Gbps = 1 GBps
  • 1 Gbps = 0.125 GBps
  • 8000 Gbps = 1000 GBps
  • 1000 Gbps = 125 GBps

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How to convert Mbps to GB?

It is not possible to convert Mbps to GB. The Mbps is the data transfer rate, and GB is the memory unit defining the amount of storage. You can define the transfer of storage by measuring how long it takes to transfer it to another place. Then you can express it in Mbps, MBps, Gbps, GBps, and many other units, only if there is a number of bits divided by time (e.g., seconds).

Is gigabyte per second equal to gigabit per second?

No, it isn't. There is a difference between 1 byte and 1 bit. A byte is the smallest addressable unit of memory. There are 8 bits in 1 byte. The bit is the most basic unit in digital communications; it represents a logical state of "1" or "0". So if you want to convert 1 gigabyte per second, it will equal to 8 gigabits per second.

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