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This Kelvin to Fahrenheit converter will help you convert temperature values, especially when it comes to Kelvin to Fahrenheit conversions. This converter can also work as a Fahrenheit to Kelvin converter!

In this text, we'll cover the following subjects:

  • How to convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit;
  • The Kelvin to Fahrenheit formula; and
  • How to use our kelvin to Fahrenheit conversion calculator.

We'll also have some conversion examples by the end of this text. So if you're ready, keep on reading.

How to convert kelvin to Fahrenheit

Converting temperature values from kelvin to degrees Fahrenheit is very easy. All you have to remember is this kelvin to Fahrenheit formula:

T(°F) = 1.8 × T(K) - 459.67


  • T(°F) - Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit; and
  • T(K) - Temperature in kelvin.

🙋 In case you want to convert temperature values from degrees Fahrenheit to kelvin, you can use this Fahrenheit to kelvin formula:

T(K) = (T(°F) + 459.67) / 1.8

Once you know these formulas in mind, you can already convert kelvin to degrees Fahrenheit, and vice versa, with ease. The next thing you have to do is substitute your known temperature value to its corresponding formula to find your needed converted value.

Or, if you have lots of temperature values to convert, you can go ahead and use our kelvin to Fahrenheit converter for convenience. Learn how to do it in the next section of this text 🙂.

💡 Sometimes, we convert temperature values from one unit to another to help us imagine or understand a given temperature to a more familiar temperature for us.

How to use our kelvin to Fahrenheit conversion calculator

This kelvin to Fahrenheit calculator is very straightforward. Just enter a temperature value in the kelvin scale to instantly display its equivalent temperature value in degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that you can also use this converter the other way around. So you can also enter temperature values on the °F variable.

You can also change the °F unit to other temperature units if you got curious, e.g., to learn what the Celsius to Fahrenheit to Kelvin conversion is. On the other hand, we've also included some of the common International System of Units multiples of the kelvin scale in our converter. In that way, you can convert temperature values from as small as picokelvins to as large as terakelvins.

Did you learn something new from our kelvin to Fahrenheit conversion calculator? Perhaps you would also like to check out our other temperature converters listed below:


What is 3 kelvin equal to in Fahrenheit?

3 kelvin is equal to -454.27°F. To arrive at this value, you need to:

  1. Multiply the temperature of 3 kelvin by 1.8 to get: 3 kelvin × 1.8 = 5.4.
  2. Then, we subtract 459.67 from 5.4 to have: 5.4 - 459.67 = -454.27.
  3. We conclude the conversion by adding the °F unit to that value to get -454.27°F.

Is 273 kelvin hot or cold?

273 kelvin is freezing cold. 273 kelvin is equivalent to 31.73°F, which is even less than 32°F – water's freezing temperature. How about 0 kelvin? 0 kelvin is much colder; there are actually no colder temperatures than 0 kelvin.

How hot is 350 kelvin?

350 kelvin is approximately equal to 170.33°F or 76.85°C. We got its equivalent value of 170.33°F using the equation:

T(°F) = T(K) × 1.8 - 459.67.

Substituting 350 kelvin (K) into the equation, we have:

T(°F) = 350 K × 1.8 - 459.67 = 630.00 - 459.67 = 170.33°F.

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