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Kelvin to Celsius Converter

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Welcome to our Kelvin to Celsius converter, where you can easily convert one temperature into the other. It doesn't matter whether you want to know how to convert Kelvin to Celsius or how to convert Celsius to Kelvin. We've covered both ways of conversion in our tool and the below article.

We've also discussed the formula of Kelvin to Celsius conversion to help you learn more about the kelvin unit in this article. Wondering how much is 1 kelvin in Celsius or 0 Celsius in kelvin? Well, you're about to find out!

How to use the Kelvin to Celsius converter

To use the Kelvin to Celsius converter:

  1. Enter your Kelvin temperature in the first field, e.g., 0 K.

  2. The Kelvin to Celsius calculator will convert and display it in Celsius in the second field, i.e., -273.15 °C.

🔎 Kelvin is an absolute temperature scale having 0 K as the coldest temperature possible.

  1. You can also enter your Celsius temperature first to obtain your temperature in Kelvin.

  2. Furthermore, there is a unit switcher in the Celsius to Kelvin calculator in both fields that you can also switch to Fahrenheit if you ever need it.

The formula for Kelvin to Celsius conversion

Here's the formula to convert Kelvin to Celsius:

  • °C=K273.15\degree C = K - 273.15

, where:

  • °C \degree C - the unit temperature in degrees Celsius; and
  • KK - the absolute unit temperature in kelvin.

The convert Celsius to Kelvin formula is the opposite:

  • K=°C+273.15K = \degree C + 273.15

Here are a few examples that use the Celsius to Kelvin equation:

  1. Let's convert 1 Kelvin to Celsius.

    Placing the values in the formula, we get:

    °C=1273.15°C = 1 - 273.15

    Thus, if we convert 1 K into Celsius, we get - 272.15 °C.

  2. Now, let's convert 100 degrees Celsius to Kelvin.

    Rearranging the formula, we get the following:

  • K=°C+273.15K = °C + 273.15

    Placing the values:

  • K=100+273.15K = 100 + 273.15

    Thus, if we convert 100 °C into Kelvin, we get 373.15 K.

Of course, using our tool is a more convenient way to use the Celsius to Kelvin equation very quickly!

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Why is the Kelvin scale not measured in degrees?

Degrees is a relative term, whereas Kelvin is an absolute temperature scale with defined endpoints. It has 0 as its smallest value that measures the coldest temperature possible, i.e., where every element's atomic and molecular motion comes to a stop.

How do I convert 100 degrees Celsius to Kelvin?

The temperature of 100 °C is 375.15 K. You can convert Celsius to Kelvin by adding 273.15 to Celsius:

  • 373.15 K = 100 °C + 273.15

What is 0 Celsius in Kelvin?

The temperature of 0 Celsius is 273.15 kelvins.

We can find this by adding 273.15 to the Celsius temperature, e.g., 100 degrees Celsius is 373.15 kelvin, i.e.:

  • K = °C + 273.15

, where:

  • K - the absolute temperature in kelvin; and
  • °C - the temperature in degrees of Celsius.
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