Here's our centigrade to Celsius converter where you can input your temperature in centigrade to get your temperature in Celsius or do the opposite, find conversion of Celsius to centigrade.

The following article will tell you about the origin of degrees Celsius and centigrade. You will also learn how to convert Celsius to centigrade as we share some examples, e.g., what is 0 centigrade to Celsius, and the formula to convert centigrade to Celsius.

The origin of centigrade and degrees Celsius. The celsius to centigrade formula

In 1742, a Swedish astronomer named Anders Celsius created a temperature scale known as the centigrade scale. The name derives from the Latin word centum, which means 100, and gradus, which means steps.

The initial centigrade scale measured the temperature in reverse order, where 0 degrees centigrade was considered the boiling point and 100 degrees as the freezing point. In 1743, Jean-Pierre Christin proposed reversing this scale.

Thus, in 1948, in honor of Anders Celsius, the centigrade scale was renamed to Celsius scale. In other words, Celsius and centigrade are the same units and that's what our Celsius to centigrade calculator uses.

How to use the centigrade to Celsius converter

Here's how you convert centigrade to Celsius using the calculator:

  1. Enter your centigrade temperature in the first field, e.g., 17 degrees centigrade.

  2. Your result in Celsius will display in the second field, i.e., 17 degrees Celsius.

Thus, if we convert 17 degrees centigrade to Celsius, the result is 17 degrees Celsius. Yes, that's it! The conversion of Celsius to centigrade is a simple 1:1 conversion. Still, you can come back to our centigrade to degrees Celsius converter whenever you have doubts about the proper conversion.

Formula to convert centigrade to Celsius with examples

To convert centigrade to Celsius, we use the following Celsius to centigrade formula:

  • °centigrade=°Celsius\degree \text{centigrade} = \degree \text{Celsius}

From this, we can understand that centigrade is equal to Celsius.

  • Let's take an example of converting 34 degrees centigrade to Celsius.

    Placing values, in the formula, we get:

    34°centigrade=34°Celsius34 \degree \text{centigrade} = 34 \degree \text{Celsius}

  • Similarly, if we convert 34 degrees Celsius to centigrade, we get the same result.

Thus, we conclude that the centigrade is equal to Celsius and vice versa.

💡 If we convert 0 centigrade to Celsius, we get 0 degrees Celsius.

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How do I convert 0 centigrade to Celsius?

0 degrees centigrade is equal to 0 degrees Celsius.

Celsius and centigrade refer to the same temperature scale, where the temperature of the centigrade is always equal to the temperature of Celsius and vice versa.

What is the freezing point of water?

Under the right conditions, the freezing point of pure water is 0 degrees Celsius, or 0 degrees centigrade. However, in certain conditions, the water can remain liquid at temperatures lower than 0 degrees Celsius or frozen at temperatures higher than 0 degrees Celsius.

What is the coldest temperature in Celsius?

The temperature of -273.15 degrees Celsius is the coldest temperature, where every natural particle, i.e., atom or molecule, stops moving.

It is also known as the absolute zero on the Kelvin scale.

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