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Welcome to our Fahrenheit converter. Here we will tell you what Fahrenheit is and what its origin is. We will also inform you how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius or kelvins and a few other temperature units.

What is the Fahrenheit scale?

In 1724 a german physicist of polish origin, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, proposed his temperature, scale where he measured and designated 32 °F as the temperature at which pure water freezes. Having a 180 °F separation between two defining points, 212 °F became its boiling point.

Based on the thermodynamic temperature scale, the coldest attainable Fahrenheit temperature is -459.67 °F.

Knowing what the Fahrenheit scale is, let's look into how we can convert Fahrenheit to different temperature units.

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, Kelvin, and other temperature units

We use the following Fahrenheit formulas to convert degrees Fahrenheit to different temperature units:

Fahrenheit °F to degree Celsius °C:
°C=(°F32)×59\degree C = (\degree F − 32) \times \frac{5}{9}
where, 212 °F is equal to 100 °C.

Fahrenheit °F to Kelvin K:
K=(°F32)×59+273.15K = (\degree F − 32) \times \frac{5}{9} + 273.15
where, 212 °F is equal to 373.15 K.

Fahrenheit °F to degree Rankine °R:
°R=°F+459.67\degree R = \degree F + 459.67
where, 212 °F is equal to 671.67 °R.

Fahrenheit °F to degree Delisle °De:
°De=(212°F)×56\degree De = (212 − \degree F) \times \frac{5}{6}
where, 212 °F is equal to 0 °De.

Fahrenheit °F to degree Newton °N:
°N=(°F32)×1160\degree N = (\degree F − 32) \times \frac{11}{60}
where, 212 °F is equal to 33 °N.

Fahrenheit °F to degree Réaumur °Ré:
°Reˊ=(°F32)×49\degree Ré = (\degree F − 32) \times \frac{4}{9}
where, 212 °F is equal to 80 °Ré.

Fahrenheit °F to degree Rømer °Rø:
°Rø=(°F32)×724+7.5\degree Rø = (\degree F − 32) \times\frac{7}{24} + 7.5
where, 212 °F is equal to 60 °Rø.

Now you know how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and other temperature units. Next, we'll guide you on how easy it is to use our Fahrenheit converter.

How to use the Fahrenheit converter

Here's how you can use our Fahrenheit calculator:

  1. Enter your Fahrenheit temperature in the first field, e.g., 32 °F.

  2. The conversion results will auto-populate in the rest of the temperature fields, i.e.:

  • 32 °F = 0 °C;
  • 32 °F= 273.15 K;
  • 32 °F = 491.67 °R;
  • 32 °F = 150 °De;
  • 32 °F = 0 °N;
  • 32 °F = 0 °Ré; and
  • 32 °F = 7.5 °Rø.

So, if you'll ever need to know how to calculate Fahrenheit from Celsius, or vice-versa, how to calculate Celsius from Fahrenheit, remember about our Fahrenheit calculator!


How do I convert 200 Fahrenheit to Celsius?

To convert 200 Fahrenheit to Celsius:

  1. Subtract 32 from 200, to obtain 168;

  2. Multiply 168 by 5 to get 840;

  3. Divide 840 by 9, and you get the result, i.e., 93.33 °C.

  4. We use the following formula to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius:

    • °C = (°F − 32) × 5/9

How do I convert 38 Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Follow the below steps to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit:

  1. Use the Fahrenheit formula:

    • °F = (°C × 9/5) + 32
  2. Place the value of 38 °C into the formula:

    • °F = (38 °C × 9/5) + 32 = 100.4
  3. Thus, 38 °C is equal to 100.4 °F.

What is the freezing and boiling point of water in Fahrenheit?

The freezing point of water is 32 °F, whereas the boiling point of water is 212 °F. This temperature varies ever so slightly, depending on the purity of the water.

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