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Pascal Conversion

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Pascal unit conversionPascal conversion formulaThe pressure family at Omni!

In the world of pressure units, our Pascal conversion calculator acts as a pressure translator that seamlessly converts Pascals Pa to everyday pressure units like bar, atm, psi, and Torr. It's like having a friendly pressure companion that works as a guide for turning complex pressure units into easy-to-understand equivalents.

Here, we'll also learn how to convert Pascals to other pressure units using the Pascal conversion formula, thus helping you deal with all these pressures in your own way.

Pascal unit conversion

Our Pascals converter is as easy and straightforward as they come. All you need to know is the pressure measurements in Pascals and you can leave the rest to the tool, which makes it a must-have in your arsenal.

With our Pascal unit conversion tool, you can easily calculate between various pressure units.

Just enter your Pascal value in the first field, e.g., 100000 Pa, and you'll get the pressure in other units as:

  • 1 bar
  • 0.986923 atm
  • 14.50377 psi
  • 750.062 Torr

💡 You can also select different pressure units from the drop-down menu next to each unit.

Pascal conversion formula

Now would be a great time to talk about a few main Pascal conversion formulas. These formulas not only make the magic happen for our tool but also can come in handy for you in the absence of a tool.

  • Pascal to barometric
    To convert any value from Pascal to bar, divide the pressure in Pascal by 100,000. Here's the formula:

    bar=Pascal/100,000\text{bar} = \text{Pascal} / 100,000

    Similarly, you can convert it the other way around to obtain Pascal by multiplying bar by 100,000.

  • Pascal to atmospheres
    To convert Pascal to atm, divide the pressure in Pa by 101,325. Here's how it looks:

    atm=Pascal/101,325\text{atm} = \text{Pascal} / 101,325

    For converting atm to Pa, we multiply atm by 101,325.

  • Pascal to psi
    When converting Pascal to psi, we divide Pa by 6894.76. Thus, we get:

    psi=Pascal/6894.76\text{psi} = \text{Pascal} / 6894.76

    Inversely, we multiply psi by 6894.76 to get Pascals.

  • Pascal to Torr
    And for Pascal to Torr, we divide Pascal by 133.3224:

    Torr=Pascal/133.3224\text{Torr} = \text{Pascal} / 133.3224

    Or multiply Torr by 133.3224 to get Pa.

The pressure family at Omni!

Yes, you heard it right: we have an entire family of calculators based on pressure units. Here, you can explore our family of pressure unit converters for your other calculations.

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  • Barometric pressure conversion
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