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Pressure Unit Conversion

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Using the pressure unitsUsing the pressure unit converterPressure unit conversion chartConvert between pressure unitsMore pressure converters

In the world of pressure measurements, our pressure unit conversion calculator can simplify your journey by allowing you to switch or convert between different pressure units effortlessly.

Some common pressure units like bar, psi, atm, and Pascals are also laid out for you by default for quick measurements and pressure unit conversions.

In the following article, you'll find:

  • How to use the pressure unit converter;
  • A pressure unit conversion chart; and
  • Formulas to convert between pressure units.

Using the pressure units

Here's a list of some common pressure units and where they're used:

  • Pa: Also known as Pascal, it is commonly used in scientific and engineering research, vital for precise pressure measurements in material and industrial sciences.

  • Psi: Pounds per square inch is commonly used in measuring tire or tube pressure in vehicles.

  • Bar: Primarily used in meteorology to read atmospheric pressure, but can also be used for tire pressure measurements in vehicles.

  • Atm: Atmosphere is a standard unit of measurement for atmospheric pressure, everyday weather predictions, and understanding altitude-related effects on the environment, such as when cooking or baking at high elevations.

Using the pressure unit converter

Our pressure unit converter can help you measure and transform your pressure values as follows:

  1. In the calculator, choose your desired pressure unit, e.g., bar.
  2. Then simply enter your pressure value, e.g., 50 bars.
  3. And the calculator will provide you with the pressure values in different units, i.e.,
  • Pressure in bar
    50 bar

  • Pressure in pounds per square inch
    725.189 psi

  • Pressure in atmospheres
    49.3462 atm

  • Pressure in pascals
    5,000,000 Pa.

You can also select more pressure units like Torr, kPa, and pounds per square foot from the drop-down menu to convert between pressure units in real-time with precision.

Pressure unit conversion chart

To help you visualize the relationship between different pressure units, here's a chart of various pressure-measuring units where we've taken the reference value of Pascal to 1.

Pressure Units
















Convert between pressure units

Let's talk about the fundamental formulas and conversion factors that we can use to convert between different pressure units.

  • Pascals Pa to Kilopascals kPa:
    kPa = Pa / 1000

  • Torr to Millimeters of Mercury mmHg:
    mmHg = Torr

  • Barometric Pressure bar to Pounds per Square Inch psi:
    psi = bar × 14.5038

  • Atmospheres atm to Pascals Pa:
    Pa = atm × 101325

More pressure converters

We offer a diverse range of conversion tools for converting between a multitude of pressure units. Here's a quick access to an assortment of additional pressure conversion tools:

  • Pressure conversion
  • Barometric pressure conversion
  • Pascal conversion
  • psi conversion
  • atm conversion
  • kPa conversion
  • MPa conversion
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