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MPa Conversion

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Our MPa conversion tool is designed to help you convert megapascals to other pressure or stress units. You don't have to look for numerous conversion formulas anymore - our MPa calculator can convert megapascals MPa to common pressure units such as bar, atm, psi, and Torr, and much more in one step.

Below, you will find a short article in which we will tell you what the units MPa mean and how to convert MPa to other pressure units.

Megapascal conversion, MPa units

1 megapascal (shortly: MPa) equals 1,000,000 Pascals, which are the SI unit of pressure. Because of its large value (note that atmospheric pressure we experience daily is only 101,325 Pascals), you can use the MPa pressure unit to measure high pressures, such as in hydraulic systems.

Conversion factors for converting 1 MPa to other common pressure units can be found below:

  • 10 bar
  • 145.038 psi
  • 9.86923 atm
  • 7500.62 Torr

You can also enter your megapascal value in the first field and use our MPa conversion tool if you prefer. You can choose between other pressure units from the drop-down menu next to each unit of the MPa calculator.

Megapascal conversion formulas

Now, we can look at some basic megapascal conversion formulas used in our MPa conversion calculator. These formulas allow you to convert MPa to other common pressure units, but this MPa conversion tool allows you to use even more pressure units.

  • MPa to barometric
    To convert any value from MPa to bar, multiply the pressure in MPa units by 10. Here's the formula:

    bar=MPa×10\text{bar} = \text{MPa} \times 10

    Similarly, you can convert it the other way round to obtain MPa by dividing bar by 10.

  • MPa to psi
    When converting MPa to psi, we multiply MPa by 145.038. Thus, we get:

    psi=MPa×145.038\text{psi} = \text{MPa} \times 145.038

    Inversely, we divide psi by 145.038 to get megapascals.

  • MPa to atmospheres
    To convert MPa to atm, multiply the pressure in MPa by 9.86923. Here's how it looks:

    atm=MPa×9.86923\text{atm} = \text{MPa} \times 9.86923

    For converting atm to MPa, we multiply atm by 9.86923.

  • MPa to Torr
    And for MPa to Torr, we multiply MPa by 7500.62:

    Torr=MPa×7500.62\text{Torr} = \text{MPa} \times 7500.62

    Or divide Torr by 7500.62 to get MPa.

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Can I convert MPa to N/m²?

Yes, you can convert MPa to newton per square meters (N/m²), just multiply MPa by 1,000,000 as in the formula:

N/m² = MPa × 1,000,000

Otherwise, divide N/m² by 1,000,000 to get MPa:

MPa = N/m² / 1,000,000

How can I convert 5 MPa to psi?

5 MPa is equal to 725.189 psi.

See exactly how to convert 5 MPa to psi (pounds per square inch):

  1. Find the conversion factor from MPa to psi: 145.038.

  2. Get the pressure value in MPa: 5.

  3. Now multiply the given MPa by 145.038:
    psi = 5 × 145.038

  4. Thus, we get 725.189 psi.
    psi = 725.189

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