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bar to psi Conversion

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Pressure units: psi and barbar into psi conversion rateHow to use this bar to psi converterOther pressure converters

This bar to psi conversion tool is handy for converting pressure from bar to psi or vice versa. Our bar to psi converter can do more than just one type of unit conversion — It even allows you to convert pressure into different units!

Pressure conversion from bar to psi is crucial knowledge for engineers and mechanics, especially those working with fluids. In the following article, we shall learn how to calculate bar to psi conversion.

Pressure units: psi and bar

Pounds per square inch (psi) is a pressure unit based on avoirdupois's pound-force. One psi is the pressure caused by one pound-force of force acting on a square-inch surface area. Pounds per square inch are used in various systems to measure pressure. Stress may also be expressed in psi.

A bar is a metric pressure unit equal to 105 pascals. It is not part of the SI unit for pressure. Despite this, the millibar (= 10-3 bar) was used by meteorologists worldwide before hectopascals became prevalent, which is numerically equivalent to millibar. Bar is also preferred in scuba diving and among engineers when the pressure in pascals is too enormous.

bar into psi conversion rate

To convert pressure from bar to psi, the conversion factor is 14.50377. So, when calculating bar to psi conversion, we must multiply pressure in bars by 14.50377.

pressure in psi = pressure in bar × 14.50377

For example, say pressure in a system is 32.5 bars. The pressure value in psi would be:

pressure in psi=pressure in bar×14.50377=32.5×14.50377pressure in psi=471.372525 psi471.3725 psi\footnotesize \begin{align*} \text{pressure in psi} &= \text{pressure in bar} \times 14.50377\\ &= 32.5 \times 14.50377\\ \text{pressure in psi} &= 471.372525 \text{ psi} \approx 471.3725 \text{ psi} \end{align*}

Conversely, for psi into bar conversion, we divide the pressure value in psi by 14.50377.

pressure in bar = pressure in psi ÷ 14.50377

For instance, converting 232 psi into bar to go as follows:

pressure in bar=pressure in psi14.50377=23214.50377pressure in bar15.99584 bar\footnotesize \begin{align*} \text{pressure in bar} &= \frac{\text{pressure in psi}}{14.50377}\\[1em] &= \frac{232}{14.50377}\\[1em] \text{pressure in bar} &\approx 15.99584 \text{ bar} \end{align*}

How to use this bar to psi converter

Using this bar to psi converter is simple. To convert bars to psi:

  1. Enter the pressure in bar.
  2. Instantly, the tool will calculate bar to psi conversion and display the answer in the pressure in psi field.

To convert psi to bar:

  1. Input the pressure in psi.
  2. The calculator will perform the psi to bar conversion for you. The answer will be shown in the pressure in bar field.

The magic doesn't end there — you can use this calculator to convert pressure into any pressure unit! Let's see how you can do that:

  1. In any field, click on the unit name to open a dropdown list of various pressure units.
  2. Click on a unit in the list to pick your choice.
  3. Now, enter the pressure value in this field.
  4. The pressure is automatically converted into a different unit in the second field.
  5. Click on the unit in this second field and change the pressure to any desired unit.

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