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psi to Inches of Water Conversion

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How to use the psi to inches of water conversion toolpsi to inches of water formulaConverting 8 psi to inH₂OMore about pressure conversions at OmniFAQs

The psi to inches of water conversion tool is quickly going to be your favorite to convert between various pressure units. The default units are pounds per square inch (psi) and inches of water (inH₂O), but you would be pleasantly surprised to see the list of unit options we have created for you.

Enjoy the article and understand these topics:

  • psi to inches of water formula;
  • Convert 8 psi to inH₂O; and
  • Converting inches of water to psi.

How to use the psi to inches of water conversion tool

inH₂O is inches of water, a non-SI unit to measure slight pressure differences. It is used to measure static pressure.

PSI, or psi, is pressure in pounds per square inch, referring to gas or liquid.

The psi to inches of water conversion tool is an easy-to-use and straightforward converter that allows you to convert between meaningful pressure units. It lets you enter pressure measurements in your unit of choosing and will give you the conversion immediately.

Let's look at the steps to use the psi to inches of water converter.

  1. Input the amount of pressure in psi, pounds per square inch.
  2. The result is the pressure value in inches of water, inH₂O.
  3. One more thing: you can use it the other way around. As well as choose any unit of pressure to convert from the given unit list.

psi to inches of water formula

Based on the applications, you may require different units of pressure at different times.

In case you have to measure pressure using imperial units, you would opt for "PSI", pounds per square inch. But you might find yourself in a situation where you are looking to measure static pressure using a non-SI unit; here, you would opt for inH₂O, inches of water.

No matter what the situation is, we have got your back.

  • Convert psi to inches of water

    inH2O=psi×27.7076\text{inH}_2\text{O} = \text{psi} \times 27.7076

  • Convert inches of water to psi

    psi=inH2O/27.7076\text{psi} = \text{inH}_2\text{O} / 27.7076

Converting 8 psi to inH₂O

It is time to try a working example.

Imagine you want to convert a pressure measurement of 8 psi to inH₂O. You enter the value in our tool. The result is 221.661 inH2O221.661 \text{ inH}_2\text{O}.

And if you prefer doing it by hand, use the formula:

inH2O=psi×27.7076=8×27.7076=221.661\begin{align*} \text{inH}_2\text{O} &= \text{psi} \times 27.7076\\ &= 8 \times 27.7076\\ &= 221.661 \end{align*}

More about pressure conversions at Omni

Surely, you found our psi to inches of water conversion tool convenient, as intended. You would be pleased to know that we have an entire pressure converter family at Omni. Here are some more of them you may enjoy:


How much is 4.1 psi to inches of water?

4.1 psi is 113.6013 inH2O, inches of water.

You can convert them easily by knowing the conversion factor that is equal to 27.7076. The conversion formula is:

inH2O = psi × 27.7076

Placing the values in the formula:

inH2O = 4.1 × 27.7076

inH2O = 113.6013

Can I convert psi to inH₂O?

Yes, converting from psi, pounds per square inch, to inH2O, inches of water, is simple once you know the steps.

  1. Note the amount in psi you want to convert.
  2. Multiply it by the conversion factor, i.e., 27.7076.
  3. The result is the amount in inches of water, inH2O.
  4. If you want to convert the other way around, all you have to do is divide the amount instead of multiplying.

What is 70 inH₂O equal to in psi?

70 inH2O is equal to 2.52638 psi. You may use the conversion formula to convert any amount from inches of water to psi.

psi = inH2O / 27.7076

Substitute the values in the formula:

psi = 70 / 27.7076

psi = 2.52638

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