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MPa to PSI Conversion

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Our MPa to psi conversion tool is a simple tool that will help you convert pressure (or stress) from megapascals (MPa) to pounds per square inch (psi) or vice versa. You can even use it to convert pressure to other units!

In the following article, we shall learn the pressure conversion from MPa to psi with an example to help you digest this concept.

MPa to psi conversion

Megapascal (MPa) is a decimal multiple unit of pascal (Pa), the SI unit of pressure, stress, Young's Modulus, and strength.

1 MPa=106 Pa\rm 1 \text{ } MPa = \rm 10^6\text{ } Pa

Pounds per square inch, or psi (lbf/in2), is a unit of pressure and stress. The "pound" in psi is pound-force (lbf), a unit of force, and not pound-mass, a unit of mass.

1 lbf/in2=6894.76 Pa1 \text{ lbf/in}^2 = 6894.76 \text{ Pa}

The conversion rate between megapascals and psi is:

1 MPa=145.0377 lbf/in21 lbf/in2=0.00689476 MPa\begin{align*} \rm 1 \text{ } MPa &= \rm 145.0377 \text{ }lbf/in^2 \\ \rm 1 \text{ }lbf/in^2 &=\rm 0.00689476 \text{ } MPa \end{align*}

Example calculation: MPa to psi

Say the pressure in a system is 22 MPa. In psi, this pressure would be:

1 MPa=145.03771 lbf/in2    22 MPa=22×145.0377 lbf/in2=3190.83 lbf/in2\begin{align*} \rm 1 \text{ } MPa &= \rm 145.0377 1 \text{ }lbf/in^2 \\ \implies \rm 22 \text{ } MPa &= \rm 22 \times 145.0377 \text{ }lbf/in^2 \\ &= \rm 3190.83 \text{ }lbf/in^2 \end{align*}

In another system, the pressure is 150 psi. This pressure in Mpa is:

1 lbf/in2=0.00689476 MPa    150 lbf/in2=150×0.00689476 MPa=1.034214 MPa\begin{align*} \rm 1 \text{ }lbf/in^2 &=\rm 0.00689476 \text{ } MPa\\ \implies \rm 150 \text{ }lbf/in^2 &=\rm 150 \times 0.00689476 \text{ } MPa\\ &= \rm 1.034214 \text{ } MPa \end{align*}

Using this MPa to psi conversion tool

Our MPa to psi converter is easy to use:

  1. Enter the pressure in megapascals, and our tool instantly converts MPa to psi.

  2. Provide the pressure in psi, and our tool will automatically perform the psi to MPa conversion.

  3. Do you have another pressure/stress unit in mind? No problemo! Click on the unit label in any field, and you'll be treated to a list of units you can choose from instead!

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