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kg/cm² to psi Converter

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Our kg/cm² to psi converter is a crucial tool carefully curated to be a part of your pressure measuring and converting arsenal.

This tool can easily be your one-stop solution to convert between pressure units, as it provides a variety of unit options. You may learn about it more in the article, as it covers topics like:

  • kg/cm² to psi formula;
  • Convert 7 kg/cm² to psi; and
  • How to convert psi to kg/cm².

How to use the kg/cm² to psi converter?

Kg/cm² or kgf/cm² is kilogram-force per square centimeter, a unit to measure pressure. On a surface area of one square centimeter, it is the force exerted per unit area in kilograms.

PSI is pressure in pounds per square inch, referring to gas or liquid.

The kg/cm² to psi converter is an easy-to-use and straightforward tool that helps you convert between significant pressure units. It allows you to enter pressure measurements in your unit of choosing and will give you the conversion instantly.

Let's take a look at the steps to use the converter.

  1. Input the amount of pressure in kg/cm², kilogram-force per square centimeter.
  2. The result is the pressure value in pounds per square inch, psi.
  3. One more thing: you can use it the other way around. You can also choose any unit of pressure to convert from the given unit list.

kg/cm² to psi formula

Different situations ask for different units of measuring pressure. You may need to measure pressure using imperial units, so you opt for "PSI", pounds per square inch. But a situation may arise where you may be using hydraulic equipment and need to convert the psi to kg/cm². We have got you covered no matter what your requirement is.

  • Convert kg/cm² to psi
    The formula to convert kilogram-force per square centimeter to pounds per square inch is:
    psi=kg/cm2×14.22334\text{psi} = \text{kg/cm}^2 \times 14.22334

  • Convert psi to kg/cm²
    The formula to convert pounds per square inch to kilogram-force per square centimeter is:
    kg/cm2=psi /14.22334\text{kg/cm}^2 = \text{psi } / 14.22334

Convert 7 kg/cm² to psi

How about we consider a working example?

Suppose you want to convert a pressure measurement of 7 kg/cm² to psi. You enter the value in the tool. The result is 99.5634 psi99.5634 \text{ psi}.

And if you prefer doing it by hand, use the formula:

psi=kg/cm2×14.22334=7×14.22334=99.5634 psi\begin{align*} \text{psi}& = \rm{kg/cm}^2 \times 14.22334\\ &= 7 \times 14.22334\\ &= 99.5634 \text{ psi} \end{align*}

Omni's pressure converters

Now that you know how convenient our kg/cm² to psi converter you may want to try some other tools from the pressure family. We have a lot at Omni, all for your convenience.


Can I convert kg/cm² to psi?

Yes, converting from kg/cm2 to psi is easier than you might think. All you need is the amount to convert and the conversion factor, i.e., 14.22334.

  1. Note the amount in kg/cm2 that you want to convert.
  2. Multiply it by 14.22334, the conversion factor.
  3. The result is the amount in psi, pounds per square inch.

What is 9 psi equal to in kg/cm²?

9 psi is equal to 0.632763 kg/cm2 or kgf/cm2.

The formula to convert from psi to kg/cm2 is:

kg/cm2 = psi / 14.22334

kg/cm2 = 9 / 14.22334

kg/cm2 = 0.632763

How much is 3.6 kg/cm² to psi?

3.6 kg/cm2 is equal to 51.204 psi. The formula to convert kg/cm² to psi is:

psi = kg/cm2 × 14.22334

psi = 3.6 × 14.22334

psi = 51.204

You can use Omni's kg/cm² to psi converter to verify your results.

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