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With this ml to cc converter, we aim to help you to convert volume from ml to cc.

We have written this article to help you understand what cc and ml mean and how to convert ml to cc. We will also demonstrate some calculation examples to help you understand the volume conversion.

What is volume?

Volume is defined as the amount of three-dimensional space that is occupied by an item. This can applied to gas, liquid, and solid.

There are a lot of units that can be used to measure volume. The common ones are cubic centimeter (cc), milliliter (ml), liter (L), etc. In this calculator, we will explore how to convert volume between the cubic centimeters (cc) and milliliter (ml).

How to convert ml to cc?

Now, let's look at how the volume conversion from ml to cc actually work. It is very simple to convert ml to cc. Let's take 100 ml as an example. There are only three steps involved:

  1. Determine the volume that you wish to convert in ml

    For our example, the volume that we wish to convert to cc is 100 ml.

  2. Convert the volume into cc

    As the volume occupied by both cc and ml is identical, to convert ml to cc, all you need to do is to multiply it by 1. Hence, for our example, 100 cc will equal to 100 ml.

  3. If you want to convert it from liter (L):

    If you want to convert the volume from liter (L) to cc, you will need to multiplying the answer by another 1000. This is because 1L is equivalent 1000 ml. Thus, 100 L is equivalent to 100 L * 1000 = 100,000 cc.

Now that you understand how to convert cc to ml, we want to help you understand more about the topic. Hence, here are some calculators that are related to this topic:


What is cc?

cc is short for cubic centimeters (cm³). This is a standard unit in measuring volume. 1 cc corresponds to the volume that is occupied by a 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm cube. It is equivalent to 1 milliliter (ml).

How can I convert ml to cc?

You can convert ml to cc in just three steps:

  1. Determine the volume that you wish to convert in ml
  2. Convert the volume into cc by multiplying it by 1
  3. If you want to convert it from liter (L) to cc, then you need to multiplying it by 1000

This is because 1 cc = 1 ml and 1L = 1000 ml.

Can volume be negative?

No, the volume can't be negative. A negative volume simply could not happen in reality.

What is the standard unit for measuring volume?

The standard unit for measuring volume is cubic centimeter (cm³), it can also be written in cc.

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