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Welcome to the Omni ml to μl conversion calculator, a simple tool to help you convert between microliters and milliliters. If you want to learn how to convert almost as quickly as our calculator - read on! You will learn how many microliters are in a milliliter and what other units are used for small volumes.

How to convert μl to ml and ml to μl?

Converting milliliters to microliters or microliters to milliliters is easy:

  • 1 ml = 1000 μl
  • 1 μl = 0.001 ml


  1. Do ml to μl conversion, multiply the milliliters by a thousand.
    μl = ml × 1000
  2. Convert μl to ml, you need to divide the number of microliters by a thousand.
    ml = μl / 1000

How many microliters are in a milliliter?

There is a 1000 microliters in one milliliter. To convert milliliters to microliters, you always need to multiply by a thousand.

milliliter [ml]

microliter [μl]













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What is smaller than a milliliter?

It's micro-, nano-, picoliters, and so on. A milliliter is a unit of volume equal to one thousandth (0.001) of a liter. To discuss even smaller volumes, we can use:

  • microliters (0.000 0001 of a liter),
  • nanoliters (0.000 000 001 of a liter), or
  • picoliters (0.000 000 000 001 of a liter).

Smaller than picoliters are femtoliters, attoliters, zeptoliters, and yoctoliters.

How many microliters is 0.024 milliliters?

It's 24 microliters. To convert milliliters to microliters, you need to multiply the milliliters by a thousand. You can also use our ml to μl conversion tool.

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