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This square gaj to square yard converter will help you move between these two units seamlessly. As a gaj (also known as a guz) is actually a unit of length and not a unit of area like square yard, this calculator provides you with two options: to convert square yard to gaj2 and to convert from gaj to other units of length. We also provide some sqft to gaj examples, such as 150 sq yards in gaj, to aid with your at home conversions.

Come here out of curiosity and not sure what a gaj is? Don't worry, we also explain where gaj comes from and answer "1 square yard is equal to how many gaj?"!

1 square yard is equal to how many gaj?

A gaj, also known as a guz or a Mughal yard, is a unit of length equal to that of 1 English yard. It is most commonly used in the Indian subcontinent, where it was introduced by the Mughal emperors sometime in the 17th century. The measurement itself then went through a few changes due to local needs, before it was uniformly made equivalent to 1 Imperial yard.

As gaj is a unit of length and not a unit of area, you technically cannot convert sqft to gaj. However, if we use gaj2, then they are! In this case, 1 square yard is equal to 1 square gaj, just as 1 yard is equal to 1 gaj.

🔎 Did you know, that a sari, the traditional women's dress in India, cannot by shorter than 7 gaj (21 feet)?

How to convert from gaj to square yards?

To convert from square gaj to square yards, you don't need to do anything, as 1 square yard is equal to 1 square gaj! This means that 150 sq yard in gaj2 is just 150 gaj2.


How much is 150 square yards in gaj?

150 square yards is the same as 150 square gaj. This is because the two measures are equal.

How much is 1000 square meters in gaj?

1000 square meters is equal to 1196 square gaj. 1 square meter is approximately equal to 1.196 square gaj.

How much is 220 square feet in gaj?

22 square feet is approximately equal to 2.45 square gaj. There are 9 square feet in 1 square gaj.

How do I convert 3000 square feet to gaj?

To convert 3000 square feet in square gaj, you need to divide 3000 by 9. This leaves you with 333.34 square gaj. This conversion is made possible because there are 9 square feet in 1 square gaj.

How much is 200 gaj in square feet?

There are 1800 square feet in 200 square gaj, as there are 9 square feet in every square gaj.

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Gaj as a unit of length
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