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Hectares to Acres Converter

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Hectares to acres converter is a tool that converts between units of area measurements. The tool has many other unit options as well, other than hectares and acres.
If you want to know more about hectares and acres or how to convert a hectare to an acre, continue reading, and you'll be surprised at how amazing these units are.

Hectares to acres converter

You will find that the hectares to acres converter not only converts any area value from hectares to acres and vice versa but also comes in handy for conversions between many other area measuring units.
Hectares and acres are units of area that generally measure land.
Hectare is a non-SI metric unit that is equal to:

1 Hectare=2.471 acres=10,000 m2\footnotesize 1\text{ Hectare} = 2.471 \text { acres} = 10,000 \text{ m}^2

An acre is an imperial unit that measures land. It is equal to:

1 Acre=0.405 hectares=4046.86 m2\footnotesize 1\text{ Acre} = 0.405 \text { hectares} = 4046.86 \text{ m}^2

To use the tool:

  1. Input the area in hectares.
  2. The result is the area in acres.

Yes, it is that simple. But wait, there is more. Each input has a list of units from which you can select any other unit as well.

For instance, you just found out that you inherit 3.6 hectares3.6 \text { hectares} of land in the beautiful countryside of Mahone bay, now you are curious, how much is it in acres? Well, the tool will tell you it is 8.8958 acres8.8958\text{ acres}, almost 9 acres.

💡 Did you know that Tasmania, the largest island in Australia is 6.81 million hectares which is 16,827,878 acres!

How to convert hectare to acre

The conversion from hectares to acres and the other way round is simple and easy to remember.
If you have an amount in hectares and are looking to convert it to acres, use the formula:

acres=hectares×2.471\text {acres} = \text {hectares} \times 2.471

So, if you have a plot with an area of 7 hectares7 \text { hectares}, multiply it by 2.4712.471 and you have 17.29738 acres17.29738 \text { acres}.

Now, if you have an amount in acres and are looking to convert it to hectares, use the formula:

hectares=acres/2.471\text {hectares} = \text {acres} / 2.471

Say you have a farmhouse over 21 acres21 \text { acres}, in hectares, it is 2121 divided by 2.4712.471 which is 8.4984 hectares8.4984 \text { hectares}.

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Is hectare bigger than acre?

Yes, a hectare is bigger than an acre. One hectare is equal to 2.471054 acres.
Both units measure land. When a hectare is a non-SI metric unit, an acre is an imperial unit of land measurement.

How many hectares are in 19 acres?

There are 7.68903 hectares in 19 acres.
The formula to convert from acres to hectares is:
ha = ac / 2.471


  • ha - hectares; and
  • ac - acres.

So, to convert from acres to hectares:

  1. Divide the amount in acres by 2.471.
  2. The result is your quantity in hectares.

How many hectares is a football field?

A football field is one acre, approximately. This is a general estimation and can vary from field to field, but it is a known standard.
Since there are 2.471 acres in 1 hectare, it implies 1 hectare can contain 2.471 football fields.

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