Square Centimeters To Square Millimeters Converter

Created by Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
Reviewed by Anna Szczepanek, PhD
Last updated: Jun 05, 2023

Our square centimeters to square millimeters converter is a simple tool that helps you with a specific task of turning cm² to mm² and mm² to cm². 🔄

Keep on reading to discover how to convert square centimeters to square millimeters and vice versa - all you need is a proper conversion factor!

🙋 Don't get distracted by different notations - square millimeters and square centimeters conversions can be written as:

  • cm 2 to mm 2;
  • sq mm to sq cm;
  • cm squared to mm squared;
  • mm2 to cm2; and finally,
  • mm² to cm².

All of these versions can be found in our square centimeters to square millimeters converter.

How to convert square centimeters to square millimeters?

We're gonna make it pretty straightforward:

  • If you want to convert cm² to mm², use the equation:

    Area in sq mm = Area in sq cm × 100

  • If you'd like to convert mm² to cm², follow the formula:

    Area in sq cm = Area in sq mm / 100

How to transform 500 cm squared to mm squared?

Let's calculate it in the simplest way possible.

We know that 1 cm² = 100 mm². Let's use a simple equation:

Area in sq mm = Area in sq cm × 100 mm²

Area in sq mm = 500 × 100 mm²

Area in sq mm = 50000 mm²


How to turn 1 cm2 to mm2?

It's easier than you think! We need to remember than 1 linear centimeter houses exactly 10 linear millimeters.

1 cm = 10 mm

If we want to know the number of squared millimeters, we need to square both sides of the equation.
(1 cm)² = (10 mm)²

1 cm² = 10 × 10 mm²

1 cm² = 100 mm²

How many cm2 are in mm2?

Just as you remember, all metric units of distance are a multiple of 10 - neither square centimeters nor square millimeters are an exception here.

1 mm² = 0.01 cm²


100 mm² = 1 cm²

Łucja Zaborowska, MD, PhD candidate
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