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Acres to Hectares Converter

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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Whether you need to convert the surface of your plot or are studying geography, our acres to hectares converter will be helpful!

Keep reading to learn:

  • What is an acre;
  • What is a hectare;
  • How to convert from acres to hectares; and
  • Some neat examples.

What is an acre?

An acre is a surface measurement unit of the US customary system. It corresponds to 1/6401/640 square miles. The traditional acre is defined as the area with sides equal to one chain and one furlong, two traditional — and today obsolete — length measurement units.

Given that:

  • A chain is 6666 feet long; and
  • A furlong is 660660 feet long;

We can think of the acre as

1 acre=66×660 ft=43560 ft\footnotesize 1\ \text{acre} = 66 \times 660\ \text{ft} = 43560\ \text{ft}

🙋 You can indicate the acres in your measurements both with the extended form acre\text{acre}, or with ac\text{ac} .

The acre is both an old measurement unit and a unit used in agriculture: these features give it a colorful history and origin!

Many countries used the acre in the past specifically to measure the size of arable land and of properties. Its definition was often dependent on the work done in a certain time. In particular, the traditional acre corresponds to the surface that a single man can work in a day with the help of a single team of oxen.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, a single man can work way more than an acre a day!

What is a hectare?

A hectare, symbol ha\text{ha}, is a unit similar to the acre in scope but different when it comes to definition.

First of all, the hectare originates within the metric system: it is nothing but a square with sides equal to 100 m100\ \text{m}. This gives us the conversion:

1 ha=100×100 m=10,000 m2\footnotesize 1\ \text{ha} = 100 \times 100\ \text{m} = 10,000\ \text{m}^2

Hectares are commonly used across the world to measure fields, land, and plots. Do you know that an official rugby field has a surface of almost exactly one hectare? Luckily, we don't measure surfaces in rugby fields!

Acres to hectares conversion

The conversion between acres and hectares is a useful one, for sure. To convert acres to hectares, use the following formula:

1 acre=0.404686 ha1\ \text{acre} = 0.404686\ \text{ha}

As you can see, the acre is slightly smaller than half a hectare. If you are more familiar with fractions, you can use an alternative approximate formula:

1 acre=12.5×1 ha 1\ \text{acre} = \frac{1}{2.5}\times1\ \text{ha}

How to use our acres to hectares converter

To know how many hectares are to an acre or to any value you need, use our acres to hectares converter. You only have to insert the measurement in the appropriate field, and we will do all the math!

Do you want to know how many hectares is the Yellowstone National Park? Here we are. The park has a staggering surface of 2,219,791 acres2,219,791\ \text{acres}. To put this number in perspective, four US States are smaller than the park: Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, and New Jersey. To calculate how many hectares correspond to that number, apply the conversion:

2,219,791 acres==2,219,7910.404686 ha==898,317 ha\footnotesize \begin{align*} &2,219,791\ \text{acres} = \\ &=2,219,791 \cdot 0.404686\ \text{ha} =\\ &= 898,317\ \text{ha} \end{align*}

This incredible amount of land is worth protecting: a speckle of Nature we need to preserve.


How many hectares is the Hundred Acres Wood?

40.4 ha. The forest where Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends reside has a surface — at least in the stories by Milne — of 100 acres. Apply the conversion between acres and hectares to find the value of its surface in the metric unit:
100 acres = 100 × 0.404 ha = 40.4 ha

How do I convert from acres to hectares?

To convert from acres to hectares:

  • Measure the surface using the US surface measurement unit;
  • Multiply that quantity by 0.404686;
  • You are all set!

How many hectares are in an acre?

About 0.4. An acre covers a smaller surface than a hectare. To calculate the hectares from the acres, you can either:

  • Multiply the measurement in acres by 0.404686; or
  • Divide the measurement in acres by 2.471.

What are 5 acres in hectares?

5 acres is about 2 hectares. Use the following conversion to find out how many hectares are in 2 acres:
1 acre = 1/2.5 ha
Then simply substitute the known values:
5 acres = 5/2.5 ha = 2 ha
This formula is most helpful when you deal with multiples of 5!

Davide Borchia
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