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Welcome to Omni's square inch to square foot converter, a tool that helps you convert any area from square inches to square feet. Maybe you're wondering how many square feet are 20 inches by 20 inches or are 12 inches by 12 inches a square foot, then you have landed at the right place.

If you're interested in area conversions, we invite you to keep reading to find:

  • How many feet are in a square inch; and
  • How to convert square inches to square feet yourself.

Square inches and square feet - Imperial units of area

We use different units to measure area quantities. In the imperial system of units, the most commonly used to measure area are the square inches (in2) and the square feet (ft2).

There's a direct correlation between these two units, and it's given by:

  • 1 ft2 = 144 in2


  • 1 in2 = 1/144 ft2 = 0.00694444 ft2

This way, you can express the same property (area) with another unit of measurement. Even though they'll be numerically different, both represent the same area.

For instance, if a given region has an area of 432 in2, and we apply the conversion factor expressed above, we can say that this is equivalent to 3 ft2.

🙋 Give the square inch to square foot converter a try! How many square feet are in an area of 864 in2?

How to convert square inches to square feet

To calculate any surface area, we use linear or one-dimensional measures and go on from there. In this particular case, we'll be referring to inches and feet, which are imperial units to measure distances.

The appropriate conversion factor between these two is 12 inches equal to 1 foot:

12 in=1 ft12\text { in} = 1\text{ ft}

By multiplying this linear conversion factor by itself, we can go from one-dimensional quantities to two-dimensional or area values:

12 in×12 in=1 ft×1 ft {12\text{ in}} \times {12\text{ in}} = 1\text{ ft} \times 1\text{ ft}

144 in2=1 ft2 144 \text { in}^2 = 1 \text{ ft}^2

The above corresponds to the conversion factor to go from areas in square inches to square feet or the other way around.

Finally, the next step is to apply this factor to swap between square inches and square feet.

For example, to convert an area of 36 in236\text { in}^2 to  ft2\text{ ft}^2, we simply divide 36 in236\text { in}^2 by 144 in2144\text { in}^2:

36 in2×(1 ft2/144 in2)=0.25 ft236\text { in}^2 \times (1\text { ft}^2 / 144 \text { in}^2) = 0.25 \text { ft}^2


How many square feet are in a square inch?

There are 0.00694444 ft2 in a square inch.
To convert any area value from square inches to square feet use the conversion factor of 144 in2 = 1 ft2, from here
1 in2 = 1/144 ft2 = 0.00694444 ft2.

How many square feet are in 20 inches by 20 inches?

There are 2.77778 ft2 in a 20 by 20 inches area.
To get this value you can follow these steps:

  1. Multiply 20 inches by 20 inches to get the value in square inches.
    20 in × 20 in = 400 in²
  2. For this conversion, the area conversion factor is:
    1 ft² = 144 in²
  3. Utilize this conversion factor and perform the corresponding algebraic operation:
    400 in² × (1 ft² / 144 in²) = 2.77778 ft²
  4. To summarize:
    20 in × 20 in = 400 in² = 2.77778 ft²

Are 12 inches by 12 inches equal to a square foot?

Yes, 12 inches by 12 inches area equals one square foot. To verify this value:

  1. Keep in mind that 12 inches = 1 ft.
  2. From the above, we can affirm that multiplying 12 inches by itself is the same as multiplying 1 foot by 1 foot:
    12 in × 12 in = 1 ft × 1 ft
  3. From here, we can see that:
    12 in × 12 in = 144 in² = 1 ft²
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