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Last updated: Feb 02, 2023

With the help of Omni's square yard converter, you can quickly recalculate the area expressed in square yards into other popular area units. In particular, we will explain how to convert square yards to square feet as well as square yards to square meters (and the other way round, of course!).

What is the square yard?

The square yard is an imperial unit of area, widespread in the majority of Anglophone countries (e.g. US, UK, Canada, India), but now rather in decline, replaced by square metres. One square yard is the area of a square whose sides are one yard (or 0.9144 metres) long.

What is the symbol for square yards?

There is no universally adopted symbol for square yards. First, yards themselves can be written as yards, yard, yds, or yd. Then, squaring can be denoted either by words square or sq, or by using the superscript ², or by using the exponentiation symbol ^2. As a result, square yards can be denoted in lots of ways, e.g., as yd², yds^2, sq yds, square yards, etc.

How do I convert square yards to other units?

Use the following table to convert from square yards to other popular area units:


1 yd² is...







≈ 0.00008361


≈ 0.00020661


How do I convert square feet to square yards?

One square yard is nine square feet. Hence, to convert square yards to square feet:

  1. Write down the area in square yards.
  2. Multiply by 9.
  3. The result is your area expressed in square feet.

How do I convert square yards to square feet?

One square foot is one-ninth of a square yard. To convert an area in square feet to square yards:

  1. Write down the area in square feet.
  2. Divide by 9.
  3. The result is your area expressed in square yards.

How do I convert between square yards and square meters?

One square yard equals 0.83612736 square meter. Therefore:

  • to go from square yards to square meters, multiply the area in sq yd by 0.83612736 to get this area expressed in sq m;
  • to go from square meters to square yards, divide the area in sq m by 0.83612736 to get area in sq yd.
Anna Szczepanek, PhD
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