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Last updated: Jul 05, 2022

Welcome to the Omni radians to degrees converter, a simple and convenient tool you can use to convert radians to degrees (rad to deg).

Conversions of angular measurements can be confusing but don't worry; you're at the right place. The radians to degrees calculator is here to help! Come along to find out how to convert radians to degrees and how the calculator works. 👩‍🏫

How do I convert radians to degrees?

Radians (denoted by the symbol rad) and degrees (indicated by the symbol deg or °) are units for measuring angles, where 1 radian is approximately 57.2958 degrees.

To convert rad to deg, you can use the following formula:

degrees = 180°/π × radians

For instance, if you wanted to convert 3.14159 radians into degrees, you would perform the following calculation:

degrees = 180°/π × 3.14159 = 180°

Seems complicated? Let the Omni radians to degrees calculator do computations for you!

How does radians to degrees converter work?

Now that you know the formula for converting rad to degrees, let's discuss how the radians to degrees calculator works.

All you have to do is enter the radian of your interest, and our magic tool will convert the value into degrees. You can also use the tool to convert degrees to radians or change units of angular measurements at your convenience!

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How to convert 5 radians to degrees?

To convert 5 radians to degrees:

  1. Take the value in radians, and multiply it by 180/π.
  2. That's all! Five radians converted in degrees is approximately 286.479°.

Note that if you wanted to convert degrees into radians, you would have to multiply the value in degrees by π/180°.

How many degrees is 6.283 radians?

6.283 radians converted into degrees is 360°. To convert radians into degrees, you have to take the value and multiply it by 180/π. To convert degrees into degrees, you must multiply the value by π/180°.

Mariamy Chrdileli
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