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Last updated: Jul 30, 2022

Welcome to the Omni degrees to radians converter, a simple tool that assists you in converting degrees to radians.

Are you struggling with converting degrees to radians? Don't worry; you're definitely at the right place! Come along to learn what is a radian, how to convert degrees to radians, and how to use our handy converter!👩‍🏫

How do I convert degrees to radians?

Let's start from the beginning - what is a radian? Radian (represented by the symbol rad) is a standard unit for measuring angles. 1 radian is approximately 57.2958 degrees.

To convert degrees to radians, you can use the following formula:

radians = π/180° × degrees

For instance, if you were trying to determine what is a 90° angle in radians, you would compute the following calculations:

radians = π/180° × 90° = π/2 rad ≈ 1.5708 rad

Sounds cumbersome? Don't worry, Omni degrees to radians converter will do all the work for you!

How does the degrees to radians converter work?

Now that you know how to turn degrees into radians, let's discuss how the degree to radian calculator works; it's pretty straightforward!

All you need to do is enter the degree of your interest, and the degree to radian calculator will convert your input into radians. By default, you can enter your angular unit as degrees, but you can also change the default unit and select the one that best fits your needs!

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How do I turn degrees into radians?

To turn degrees into radians:

  1. Take the value in degrees, and multiply it by π/180°.
  2. That's all! You have converted degrees to radians.

To turn radians into degrees:

  1. Take the value in radians, and multiply it by 180°/π.
  2. Voila! You have converted radians to degrees.

What is 360 degrees in radians?

360 degrees in radians is approximately 6.28319 rad or 2 π rad. If you want to convert degrees in radians, you should take the value in degrees and multiply it by π/180°.

Mariamy Chrdileli
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