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The feet converter (or ft converter) helps you quickly convert between feet and metric, imperial, and other units of length. Keep reading to learn feet conversion factors, and find other useful conversion tools.

Feet conversion

Foot conversion is easy as long as you remember the conversion factors. Here's a list of the most popular units:

  1. Imperial/US units:
  • inches to feet
    1 ft = 12 in
    1 in = 0.083 ft

  • yards to feet
    1 ft = 1/3 yd
    1 yd = 3 ft

  • miles to feet
    1 ft = 0.0001894 mi
    1 mi = 5280 ft

Length conversion chart - imperial system. Mi to yd to ft to in.
  1. Metric units:
  • centimeters to feet
    1 cm = 0.03281 ft
    1 ft = 30.48 cm

  • meters to feet
    1 m = 3.281 ft
    1 ft = 0.3048 m

  • kilometers to feet
    1 km = 3281 ft
    1 ft = 0.0003048 km

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How to convert inches to feet?

To convert inches to feet, you need to divide the inches by 12. That's because, one foot is equal to twelve inches.
1 foot = 12 inches

How to convert meters to feet?

To convert meters to feet, you need to multiply the meters times 3.281. That's because, 1 meter is equal to 3.281 feet.
1 meter = 3.281 feet

What is 174 cm in feet?

174 cm is equal to 5.709 feet. How can you calculate that? 1 cm is equal to 0.03281 ft, so to find feet from cm, you need to multiply the cm times 0.03281.

How do I convert 15 feet to cm?

15 feet is equal to 457.2 centimeters. To convert feet to centimeters, you need to multiply the feet times 30.48.

If you need the result fast, you can always use our feet converter.

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