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Created by Krishna Nelaturu
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

Our hour converter is here to help you convert time in hours into any other time unit. Whether you wish to convert hours into minutes, seconds, days, or years, our hour converter has your back!

In the following article, you can learn all about converting hours into different time units. You will be ready the next time, say, you need to convert hours into days.

Converting time from hours to other units

An hour is equal to 60 minutes, and a minute is equal to 60 seconds. This leaves us with the following conversion rates:

  • 1 hr = 60 min; and

  • 1 hr = 3600 sec.

Twenty-four hours make a day, and seven days make a week (wks). This allows us to arrive at the following hourly time-converting rates:

  • 1 hr = 1/24 day; and

  • 1 hr = 1/168 wks.

A (sidereal) year (yr) is approximately equal to 365.25 days. The Gregorian calendar uses 12 months (mos) per year, which leaves approximately 30.44 days per month. Therefore, there are 8766 hrs per year and 730.5 hrs per month. This gives us the following conversion rates:

  • 1 hr = 1/8766 yr; and

  • 1 hr = 1/730.5 mos.

How to use this hour converter

Our hour time converter is simple to use:

  1. Enter the time in hours in the appropriate field.

  2. The hour converter will automatically convert time into every other unit.

  3. Want to convert a different unit into hours? Our hour-time converter can handle that too! Simply enter the time in any unit field and watch the magic happen!


How many hours are in a year?

There are 8766 hrs in one year. To arrive at this answer, follow these steps:

  1. Convert one year into days - One sidereal year has approximately 365.25 days. 1 yr = 365.25 days.

  2. Multiply by 24 hours since each day has 24 hrs. 1 yr = 365.25 × 24 = 8766 hrs.

Verify your result with our hourly time converter.

How do I convert hours into days?

To convert hours into days, divide the number of hours by 24. Don't want to be bogged down by calculations? Our hour converter will do the job for you!

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