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The cc to grams converter helps you interchange between cm³ and grams. In the text, we will explain what density is, how to transform volume values to mass values, and how to use our handy cc to g calculator.

What is density?

Let's start with the basics. Density refers to the relation between volume and mass. But, which kind of relation?

Imagine a room with 1 kilogram of iron and 1 kilogram of paper. Which one do you think will occupy more space? It's paper.

Even though they weigh the same, paper occupies more volume; meanwhile, iron takes a small place. That's when we say: "it's because iron is denser", and that's right.

Let's check the formula. We will need it for converting cc to grams.

 D=MV\ D = \frac{M}{V}

, where:

  • MM - the mass that the element has,
  • VV - the volume occupied by the element, and
  • DD - the density.

Notice when the volume occupies a more extensive area for a fixed amount of mass, we get a lower density value, precisely as in the example above.

In the next section, we will use the density parameter to convert cube centimeters to grams.

How to convert cc to grams?

You can directly use our cc to grams converter or follow the next steps:

  1. Find out the density of your element, specifically in grams per cubic centimeters.
  2. If you have the volume (in cubic centimeters), you need to multiply it by the above density.
  3. In case you know the mass (in grams), you have to divide it by the density to get the cube centimeter equivalent.

Other interesting density conversion tools

We've also created other tools to ease your life and solve similar problems:


How do you convert cubic centimeters cm3 to grams?

Try Omnicalculator's cc to grams converter or follow the next steps:

  1. Find out the density of the element expressed in grams per cubic centimeters.
  2. Take the cubic centimeters and multiply it by the density you got above.
  3. The result represents the cubic centimeters value expressed in grams.

Does 1 cm cube equal 1 gram?

It depends on the density of the material. In the case of water, it does. However, for metals such as copper, it does not. In the case of copper, it has 8.94 grams per centimeter cube.

Are cc and grams the same?

No. cc represents cubic centimeters which is a unit of volume. It defines the space an element takes. On the other hand, grams are a unit of mass. It indicates how much the element weights. The density property relates volume and mass. Omnicalculator's cc to grams calculator can help you convert cc to grams and vice-versa.

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