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We created the micron to mil conversion calculator to help you convert between two units (micrometers and thousandth of an inch) used for measuring very small or thin objects.

With Omni, mic to mil conversion has never been easier!

Micron to mill conversion chart

Micron to mil conversion is pretty easy. All you need to do is:

  • divide the microns by 25.4 to get mils or
  • multiply the mils by 25.4 to get microns.

1 micron = 0.03937 mil

1 mil = 25.4 micron

Other conversion tools

At Omni, we create lots of convenient tools, many converters among them. Check out some of them connected to length conversion:


How many microns are in a mil?

1 mil is equal to 25.4 microns. To convert mils to microns, you need to multiply them by 25.4:
microns = mils x 25.4

How big is 50 microns?

50 microns equals 0.05 millimeters, about 1.97 mils (thousandth of an inch), or 0.002 inches. It's about the size of an eukaryotic cell (plant or animal) or a human hair.

How thick is 40 mil?

40 mil is equal to 0.04 inches or 1.016 millimeters. It's similar to the thickness of an ID card, three phone screen protectors stacked on top of each other, or a thicker plastic bottle.

What is 50 mil in microns?

50 mil is equal to 1270 microns. To convert mils to micrometers:

  1. Find the conversion factor. 1 mil = 25.4 microns

  2. Multiply the number of mils by the conversion factor.

    50 mils = 50 x 25.4 microns = 1270 microns

  3. Check your result in Omni's micron to mil conversion tool.

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