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Created by Angela Moore
Reviewed by Dominik Czernia, PhD candidate and Steven Wooding
Last updated: Apr 06, 2022

The million to billion converter instantly converts millions to billions. In this day and age, we use the terms millionaire and billionaire almost interchangeably, but how exactly do they compare to each other? This billion to million calculator can immediately demonstrate just how huge the gap is between them, so you no longer have to wonder.

Once you have finished experimenting with our billion calculator, you may want to perform additional calculations. If you wish to test out more interesting conversions, check out our conversion collection! A relevant calculator you may find especially helpful is our length converter.

How to use the million to billion converter

For every 1 billion, how many millions are there? To give you a more comprehensive understanding of exactly how 1 million dollars stack up when compared to 1 billion dollars, this calculator was enabled to perform the following actions:

  1. Convert millions to billions.
  2. Convert billions to millions.
  3. Show the full number.
  4. Use scientific notation to represent the number.

You don't have to use this unit conversion calculator in any set order. You can enter the values in either millions or billions and watch the magic unfold. This is especially helpful when you have multiple values from both units that you would like to compare. If you want to view additional monetary values, you may be interested in our money market account calculator.

How to convert millions to billions

This billion to million converter will help demonstrate the differences between them. But, exactly how vastly do they differ from each other? To put this into perspective, there is not just 10 million, or even 100 million in 1 billion, but an astounding 1000 million for every billion dollars! Simply type the values you would like to compare in either the million or billion value fields.

You can also compare, e.g., debt owed by entering negative values. Try it out; the differences may surprise you! If you are interested in negative values, you may want to check out some additional calculators from our collection. In particular, you may find our negative log calculator to be very helpful!

How many millions are in one billion?

Now that you know how many millions make a billion, you're probably wondering how to convert millions to billions. The ability to convert millions to billions can be derived using a simple equation:

  • 1000 million = 1 billion

You can use this tool to confirm that there are no unintentional oversights if you perform this calculation independently. By using this millions to billions calculator, you can instantly receive accurate results for a large scope of values.

💡 If you are interested in comparing unique values, a number of our calculators can assist you with this. You may be especially interested in our weird units. Check it out, and have fun comparing these strange measurement units!

How to convert millions to billions in scientific notation

We have already explained the billion to million conversion process. Would you like to take these calculations a step further? Then, this billions calculator has an added feature that you may find helpful. Our million to billion converter can convert all values to scientific notation! All you need to do is select the scientific notation button at the end of the last data field. Once selected, you can choose from a wide variety of scientific notation values!

If you think the differences look huge after comparing the values normally, wait until you compare them in scientific notation. The differences between them are incredible! If you want to learn more about scientific notation, then be sure to check out our scientific notation calculator.

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