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Density conversion tool enables you to quickly calculate the weight to volume ratio of an object in any of the available units. Density itself is defined as how much mass a substance has in a specific volume. It's usually expressed by the Greek letter ρ and expressed in various density units. Density can be measured for any substance and the results will vary depending on its temperature, pressure, buoyancy, purity and packaging, to name a few factors. In general the value is relatively large for solids and fluids while it tends to be smaller for gases. The density of water in lb/gal, or, if, using metric system, the density of water in grams per cubic centimeter can also be calculated using this tool. A similar tool also available on our platform is the density calculator.

The density equation may also be useful in everyday life. Given the density of a product and its weight in grams, you can easily find its volume. This form of the equation is handy for kitchen recipes conversion - check out our great grams to cups calculator, and recipes from different countries won't be a problem anymore.

Density units

Throughout the world various density units are used. These include:

  • kilograms per cubic meter - which is also an official SI unit for density
  • grams per cubic centimeter - another metric unit used in most countries around the world, 1 g/cm3 equals 1000 kg/m3
  • avoirdupois ounces per cubic inch - 1 oz/cu in = 1,730 kg/m3
  • avoirdupois pounds per cubic inch - another unit used mainly in the US
  • pounds per US liquid gallon - which equal 0.11983 kg/m3

Our density converter makes it possible to quickly switch between any of these units, as well as many other density units, in real time. You may also consider trying our concrete calculator to determine how much cement you need to buy based on the density of the concrete mix (and how many elements of a given size you are planning on making, of course).

Density of water in lb/gal

The density of water is a very common topic and also results in many misunderstandings when converting between different density units. Pounds per gallon are most commonly used mostly in the United States but are also present in several Caribbean and Latin American nations.

The density of water in lb/gal also depends on its temperature, but the relation is not linear. Water's highest density is observed at around 3.98 degrees Celsius (39.16 degrees Fahrenheit), a point which is also known as the "maximum density". The lowest, on the other hand, happens at 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit), when water begins to boil. Check the water density calculator to see how the density changes with the temperature and salinity of the water.

Density of water in grams per cubic centimeters

Grams per cubic centimeter is one of the standard units used around the world to express density. Thanks to the density conversion calculator, we can see that 1 g/cm3 is equal to 1,000 kg/m3 but also 8,345 lb/gal or 0.578 oz/cu in. At 3.98 degrees Celsius (39.16 Fahrenheit), water density is exactly 1 gram per cubic centimeter and drops as the temperature changes. Because of this, water at this temperature will always accumulate at the bottom of freshwater lakes, regardless of the water temperature above.

This interesting effect can be observed in any climate, including winter in colder regions - where temperatures regularly drop below 0 degrees Celsius. Although water will gradually freeze once it reaches 0 degrees, this layer of the densest water will remain as a liquid at the bottom of the lake, keeping the fish alive.

As you see, the temperature is essential for density calculations. Therefore, be sure always to have a good temperature conversion tool ready if you need to work with degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit, or other units.

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