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What is a decade?How many years does it take to make a decade?How do I calculate decade to year?How to use the years to decades calculatorHow do I refer to a decade since the year 2000?What is 100 decade to years?FAQs

The years to decades calculator is your go-to tool for converting years to decades and vice versa. If you are curious about how to calculate decades or want to know how many years 1 decade is equal to, you are in the right place. In this calculator, we will discuss what a decade means and teach you how to calculate decades to years. So, keep on reading and enter the world of decades!

What is a decade?

Have you ever heard those sayings about how the 20s are the best years in someone's life or how the swinging 60s marked a cultural revolution? Well, they are all talking about decades. But what exactly are decades, anyway?

In its simplest definition, a decade is any ten-year period, be it within a person's life or a general calendar grouping. In that sense, both the years between 2010 and 2019 and those between 2015 and 2024 could be considered different decades. Saying that you belong to the 2015s decade, however, might sound a bit bizarre, whereas saying that we live in the 2020s might not sound all that bad... That is because, socially, we have created some conventions in how we group decades.

For instance, when talking about the calendar years (or someone's age), it tends to be accepted that a decade should group the years that share the tens digit. In other words, decades should go from the 0s to the 9s. According to this rule, sometimes referred to as the 0-to-9 decade rule, the years between 1990 and 1999 or 2010 and 2019 would be a decade, but the years between 1981 and 1990 or 2001 and 2010 would not. Simple enough, right? Well, not according to everyone.

For some, there are some flaws in this method. For example, the US Naval Observatory and the Farmers' Almanac believe that a decade should go from a year ending in 1 to a year ending in 0, according to what they call the 1-to-0 decade rule. This is because, technically, there was never a year 0 in the Gregorian calendar. The first decade started in the year 1 AD and ended in the year 10 AD. Therefore, all the proceeding decades should also begin at "1" and end at "0".

So, when does a decade begin? It depends! There isn't a universal agreement on this, so pick your choice and have fun. You might even want to create your own method! If you'd like to play around with it and experiment with different decade ranges, you should check out Omni's years between two dates calculator; you can try other ways to split the years there. Remember: a decade can be any 10-year period, no matter when it starts!

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How many years does it take to make a decade?

It takes 10 years to make a decade; in other words, 10 years is equal to 1 decade, and 1 decade is equal to 10 years — no more, no less.

If you ever get confused about it and the question of how many years equal to 1 decade remains, think of how many fingers you have in your hand: 10, that's the number of years in a decade. The more decades you have, the more set of hands you will need. For example, 6 decades to years would be 60 years (6 sets of hands), while 100 decades to years would be 1,000 years (10 sets of hands).

How do I calculate decade to year?

To find out how many years it takes to make a decade, you need to:

  1. Establish how many decades you have; let's say it is 1.2 decades.

  2. Multiply the number of decades by 10:

    1.2 × 10 = 12

  3. That's it! You now know that 1.2 decades to years is 12.

🙋 Are you curious about how to convert from decades to months, weeks, days, hours, etc.? Then check out our time unit converter and learn all about the different units of time.

How to use the years to decades calculator

Using our calculator is super easy! To calculate decades to years, all you have to do is:

  1. Establish the number of decades you want to calculate. Let's say you want to convert 100 decades to years.

  2. Input that value in the decades field.

  3. That's it! Our calculator will instantly show the result (1,000 years) in the years field.

    Note that the calculator can also be used backward to convert a number of decades to years.

If, after doing this, you'd like to find out how many months are in 1,000 years, you should visit our months to years calculator.

How do I refer to a decade since the year 2000?

This depends on where you are and who you talk to. While in the UK, the term "noughties" became pretty popular to define the years between 2000 and 2010, there is still no real consensus worldwide about how to refer to a decade since the year 2000.

What is 100 decade to years?

1,000 years. To come up with this result, all you need to do is multiply the number of decades by 10 (the number of years in 1 decade):

100 decades × 10 years/decade = 1,000 years

🙋 Fun fact: Just like 10 years make up 1 decade, 10 decades make up 1 century, and 10 centuries make up 1 millennium. Therefore, one could also say that 100 decades is the same as 10 centuries or 1 millennium. Interesting, right?


What is 6 decades to years?

6 decades equal to 60 years. Considering that 1 decade is equal to 10 years, 6 decades to years can be calculated as 6 × 10 = 60. Simple, right? An even easier way to convert between decades and years is to add a 0 to the decade's end.

What is 4.5 billion years to decades?

4.5 billion years to decades is 450 million decades. This can be calculated by simply dividing 4.5 billion by 10 (the number of years in 1 decade):

4,500,000,000/10 = 450,000,000

That's a lot of decades!

What is 1.2 decades to years?

1.2 decades to years is 12. To calculate this, multiply the number of decades by 10, such that 1.2 × 10 = 12. The reason why we multiply by 10 is because 10 is the number of years in 1 decade.

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