Margin and VAT Calculator

By Mateusz Mucha
Last updated: Nov 03, 2020
Margin and VAT calculator allows a quick calculation of profit margin and VAT at the same time.
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It's quite common for anyone who is selling anything, whether it be in retail or at home, to have to calculate a profit margin and the amount of VAT at the same time. As with most calculators here at Omni, you are free to input any value you would like to be calculated. The order of fields is based on the most common scenario, but we can easily imagine a situation where you'd like to come up with a max price you're willing to pay (I need to sell it for $140 and maintain my usual 40% margin). Our calculator will do this too. We also have a margin and sales tax calculator for those of you operating in countries when sales tax is used instead of VAT.

Mateusz Mucha
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