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Ohio Sales Tax Calculator

Created by Tibor Pál, PhD candidate
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

This Ohio sales tax calculator (which you can use as an Ohio car sales tax calculator as well) will give you great support if you would like to quickly check the sales tax that applies to the goods or services you purchase. By providing the purchase amount and the ZIP code of the location of the purchase/delivery, you will immediately see the applicable sales tax amount in Ohio.

If you would like to check a more general tool on this topic, check our sales tax calculator. Or use our tax bracket calculator if you want to learn about Federal income tax.

What is Ohio sales tax rate?

The US sales tax may appear on three different levels (jurisdictions):

  • State;
  • County; and
  • City/municipality.

Some states and counties, as may happen in Ohio, also levy a special rate.

The state sales tax in Ohio is 5.75%, and the county rate ranges from 0.75% to 2.25%. No sales tax is on a city/municipality level, but 0.5% special rates (a special district tax) may apply in some counties.

How do I use this Ohio sales tax calculator?

Let's check how to calculate Ohio sales tax with our tool:

  1. Set the following two inputs:
    • Purchase amount; and
    • Purchase location ZIP Code.
  2. The results will appear immediately at the bottom of our Ohio sales tax calculator.

For example, suppose you purchased a car in Columbus, costing $15,000. You must enter 45830 as the ZIP Code and $15,000 as the purchase price. You will get the result of $1,050.00.

Our tool also shows you the sales tax breakdown so you can follow exactly how sales tax works in Ohio. In the present case, the sales tax breakdown looks like the following:


Sales Tax Rate

Tax amount

Ohio State



Allen County



Total sales tax



How do I calculate sales tax in Ohio?

Follow the below steps to determine the sales tax in Ohio:

  1. Check the purchase amount (add shipping cost, if any).
  2. Look up the applicable state sales tax rate and the county sales tax rate based on the place of purchase or delivery.
  3. Check if special sales tax applies in your case.
  4. Multiply the purchase amount by the sum of applicable rates.


Does Ohio have sales tax?

Yes. Ohio levies sales tax of 5.75% on a state level plus 0.75% to 2.25% on a county level and in some cases there is a 0.5% special sales tax. As of October 2022, the average combined sales tax rate is 7.26%.

How much is sales tax in Ohio on a $1,000 purchase made in Columbus?

You must pay $70 sales tax if you make a $1,000 purchase in Columbus. More specifically, Ohio State applies 5.75% ($57.50) and Allen County 1.25% ($12.50) sales tax.

When is the Ohio sales tax holiday in 2023?

The Ohio sales tax holiday in 2023 is August 4-6. Ensure that the item you buy is eligible for the sales-tax exemption.


This calculator uses the state tax rates applicable in Ohio in October 2022.

Use this tool for instructional purposes only and consider the results it returns as an estimation. If you experience any significant inaccuracy, let us know: we are always happy to receive helpful feedback and improve our tools.

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