Double Discount Calculator

Created by Mateusz Mucha and Wei Bin Loo
Reviewed by Jack Bowater
Last updated: Jul 08, 2022
You sometimes give or get a double discount, it's one percentage on top of another.

The double discount calculator helps you in a scenario where two levels of discounts are applied to the price of a product or service. Please keep in mind that the second discount is applied to the price AFTER the first discount has been applied. For example, if the original price was $50 and we have two discounts: 20% and 10%, then we're doing something like this: $50 - 20% = $50 - $10 = $40. Then $40 - 10% = $40 - $4 = $36. Also, you may want to check out the regular discount calculator and the triple discount calculator for those super happy occasions ;-).

Mateusz Mucha and Wei Bin Loo
Original price
1st discount
2nd discount
Final price
Total savings
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