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With this CTR calculator, we aim to help you to calculate the click through rate of your online ads. This metric can help you measure the performance of your online ads.

We have written this article to help you understand what click through rate is and how to apply the click through rate formula. We will also demonstrate some CTR examples to help you understand the metric.

What is CTR? The CTR meaning

The click through rate definition is the number of clicks your online ads receive divided by the number of times the ads are shown over a particular time period. You can calculate the time period using our time duration calculator. This is a widely used metric in the digital marketing space.

The CTR meaning also states that this is a metric that can help digital marketers to measure the effectiveness of your online ads. The higher the click through rate, the more clicks the ad can get, which also means that the ad is more effective in attracting potential customers.

How to calculate the CTR? The CTR formula

After understanding what is click through rate, let's look at how to calculate the click through rate using the following ads from Company Alpha as an example:

  • Company name: Company Alpha;
  • Ad name: Ad Alpha;
  • Ad impressions: 5,500; and
  • Number of clicks: 500.

The CTR calculator requires three steps:

  1. Determine the ad impressions

    The ad impression is the number of times the online ad is displayed to a person browsing online. The ad impressions for Ad Alpha is 5,500.

  2. Determine the number of clicks

    The number of clicks is the number of times a person actually clicks on the online ad. In this example, the number of clicks is 500.

  3. Calculate the click through rate (CTR)

    The final step is to calculate the CTR using the click through rate formula:

    CTR = number of clicks / ad impressions

    Thus, Ad Alpha's CTR is 500 / 5,500 = 9.091 %.

Use our click through rate calculator to skip all the above steps and find the CTR immediately.

Click through rate calculator in practice. What is a good click through rate?

Now that we have understood the click through rate definition, what CTR is, and how to use our click through rate calculator to find it, let's talk about how to interpret the metric.

There are various types of online ads out there, and they all have different dynamics, which can lead to different CTRs. Here, let us point out a few examples:

  • Display ads on websites typically have an average click through rate of 0.35%;
  • Search ads will have an average CTR of ~1.9%; and
  • Email ads can often achieve a CTR of 10% to 20%.

Thus, to understand what is a good click through rate, you first need to determine the type of ads that you are analyzing. Then, calculate the average CTR and compare it against similar ads. If your number is higher than the average, it generally means that it is a good CTR.


What is an average click through rate?

The average click through rate is calculated as the sum of the click through rate of all your online ads divided by the total number of ads. It gives you an overview in terms of the performance of all your online ads.

Usually, an average click through rate ranges from 0.35% to 1.9%.

How do I calculate the click through rate?

You can calculate the click through rate in three steps:

  1. Find the ad impressions.
  2. Determine the number of clicks.
  3. Apply the click through rate formula:

CTR = number of clicks / ad impressions

Is CTR used to measure online ads performance?

Yes, CTR is a very popular metric used to measure online ads performance. More specifically, it measures how likely people are to click your online ads.

What is ad impression?

The ad impression is the number of times your online ad is shown to the public. You can think of it as how many times people have seen your ad.

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