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1. New York State Labor Laws on overtime

Our New York overtime calculator is a quick and easy tool to check how much money you make working overtime in New York State, USA. We'll get you up to speed on the State Labor Laws in New York concerning overtime, so you may put this calculator to good use.

In the following article, we shall learn:

  • New York State Labor Laws on overtime.
  • Which jobs are exempt from the overtime requirements in NY state?
  • How is overtime calculated in New York?

1. New York State Labor Laws on overtime

The New York State Labor Laws require that (most) employees receive overtime compensation for every hour they work above the regular 40 hours per workweek. This overtime pay is set at 1.5 times the regular payment.

In the case of certain residential employees, overtime compensation is at the rate of 1.5 times the usual wages for every hour above the regular 44 hours per workweek.

🙋 If your employment agreement includes a greater overtime compensation than State and Federal laws, you are entitled to that amount.

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2. Which jobs are exempt from the overtime requirements in NY state?

The following jobs are exempt from the overtime pay provisions by both the New York State laws and the federal FLSA:

  1. Executive, Administrative, or Professional employees.

  2. Outside salespeople.

  3. Individuals working for a Municipal, State, or Federal government.

  4. Farm laborers.

  5. Certain volunteers, interns, and apprentices.

  6. Taxicab drivers.

  7. Members of a religious order.

  8. Certain individuals working for religious or charitable institutions.

  9. Part-time babysitters.

  10. Camp counselors.

  11. Individuals working for a fraternity, sorority, student, or faculty association.

🙋 Under the New York State Labor Law, certain jobs excluded from overtime under the Federal FLSA are nevertheless eligible for overtime compensation. Although overtime is required for these jobs, according to New York State Labor Law, overtime pay for overtime hours must equal one and a half times the state minimum wage, regardless of the employee's usual pay rate. Ensure you carefully research the State Labor Law standards and the FLSA requirements to ascertain an employee's eligibility for overtime compensation.

3. Using this New York overtime calculator

Our New York overtime calculator is easy to use:

  1. Enter your regular hourly pay.

  2. Enter your regular work hours per month. The calculator will determine your total regular payment for the month.

  3. Provide the overtime pay multiplier to determine the overtime pay per hour from the regular hourly pay.

    • By default, the multiplier is set to 1.5 since that is the rate set by New York State Labor Law. If your employment offers a higher rate, feel free to correct this value or directly enter the overtime hourly pay.
  4. Input your overtime hours per month, and the calculator will determine your total overtime pay for the month.

  5. Additionally, the calculator will show you the total payment you've earned for the month.

5. FAQs

How is overtime calculated in New York?

To calculate overtime pay in New York state, follow these steps:

  1. Check whether you're eligible for overtime pay. If you are, follow the rest of the steps.

  2. Subtract 40 hours from your weekly work hours to determine your overtime hours per workweek.

    • If you are a residential employee, you may need to subtract 44 hours instead of 40 per workweek.
  3. Find out your regular hourly pay.

  4. Multiply your regular hourly pay by 1.5 to get your overtime pay per hour.

  5. Multiply your overtime hours with your overtime pay per hour to get your overtime compensation per week.

What is my overtime pay if I make $14.20 per hour in New York?

In New York State, your overtime pay equals one and a half times your regular pay:

$14.20 × 1.5 = $21.30

So $21.30 is the overtime pay you are entitled to for every hour you work overtime!

Can workers give up their claim to overtime pay?

No, workers cannot waive their right to overtime pay. An agreement between an employer and employee to count only eight hours per day or forty hours per week as working time will be deemed an unlawful attempt to circumvent the Labor Law's obligations for overtime.

The employer is still required to pay overtime to employees for the hours they work, even if they announce that no overtime work would be allowed or that overtime work will not be paid for unless authorized in advance.

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