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Illinois Overtime Calculator

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Our Illinois overtime calculator is here to help you determine the overtime compensation you earn under the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) Laws and Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Please read our article below to understand how overtime is calculated in Illinois and which jobs are exempted from overtime pay.

Overtime laws in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Labor's minimum wage and overtime law states that from January 1st, 2023, overtime must be paid at the rate of 1.5 times the regular pay for every hour you work over the regular 40 hours per workweek.

๐Ÿ”Ž Since you're paid 1.5 times your regular pay, people may refer to overtime pay as time and a half pay.

If you work overtime (i.e., over 40 hours per workweek) on a legal holiday or weekend, you're entitled to time and a half overtime pay unless your employer agrees to pay higher than this amount.

Who are exempt from overtime pay in Illinois?

In Illinois, the following jobs are exempt from overtime requirements:

  1. Executive, Administrative, or Professional employees.
  2. Salespeople and mechanics selling or servicing cars, trucks, or farm equipment at dealerships.
  3. Commissioned employees defined by section (1) of FLSA.
  4. Farm laborers.
  5. Certain employees in radio and television in a city with fewer than 100,000 residents.
  6. Employees who exchange hours under a workplace exchange agreement.
  7. Employees of certain educational or residential childcare institutions.

How is overtime calculated in Illinois?

If you are eligible for overtime under the Illinois State, follow these steps to calculate your overtime pay:

  1. Determine your overtime hours per workweek by deducting 40 hours from your weekly work hours.

  2. Find out your regular hourly pay.

  3. Calculate your overtime pay per hour by multiplying your usual hourly rate by 1.5.

  4. Multiply your overtime hours with your hourly overtime pay to arrive at your overtime compensation per week.

Or you could jump to our Illinois overtime pay calculator and dodge these calculations!

How to use this Illinois overtime pay calculator

Our Illinois overtime calculator is simple to use:

  1. Enter your regular pay per hour.

  2. Input your regular work time in hours per month. The Illinois overtime calculator will determine your total regular wages for the month.

  3. Enter the overtime pay multiplier to determine the overtime pay per hour from the regular hourly pay.

    • By default, the overtime pay multiplier is set to 1.5 under the Illinois Minimum Wages and Overtime law. If your employment offers a higher rate, feel free to correct this value or directly enter the overtime hourly pay.
  4. Provide your overtime hours per month, and the calculator will determine your total overtime pay for the month.

  5. In addition, the Illinois overtime pay calculator will show you the total payment you've earned for the month.

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What is my overtime pay if I make $13.00 an hour in Illinois?

If your regular pay is $13.00 an hour in Illinois, you are entitled to $19.50 in overtime compensation for every hour you work above 40 hours per workweek. Illinois Minimum Wage and Overtime Law states that your overtime pay equals one and a half times your regular payment.

$13.00 ร— 1.5 = $19.50

Is "comp time" legal in Illinois?

No. In Illinois, it is illegal for employers in the private sector to offer compensatory time off instead of overtime pay.

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