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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

The GRP calculator will help you calculate the gross rating point that can measure the impact of your television or radio ad campaigns. Understanding this metric is crucial because it helps you assess whether you are spending your marking budget effectively. Read on, and you will learn about the meaning of GRP and how to calculate GRP in advertising. We will also demonstrate some GRP calculation examples to help you understand the concept.

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What is GRP? The meaning of GRP

The gross rating point, or GRP, is a standard metric used in the advertising industry to understand the impact of a particular ad campaign. Specifically, the GRP is widely used in television and radio advertising.

The gross rating point helps businesses understand how effective their ad campaign is in reaching its target audience. The GRP first considers the reach percentage, which measures the penetration of the ad campaign within its target audience. Next, the metric also considers the frequency per viewer, which is used as a proxy to measure the impact of the ad campaign on a single viewer. The idea is that the higher the frequency per viewer, the more times the ad will be seen by a single viewer, hence having a bigger impact on that particular viewer. You can use our frequency calculator to understand more.

In general, the higher the gross rating point, the more effective and more impactful the ad campaign.

How to calculate GRP in advertising? The GRP calculation formula

Let's look at the following GRP calculation example to understand more about the GRP calculation.

  • AD type: TV ad
  • Total target audience: 10,000
  • Amount of audience reached: 2,000
  • Frequency per viewer: 4

We can calculate the GRP in three easy steps:

  1. Determine the reach percentage

    The first step is to calculate the reach percentage. This is the percentage of the target audience that the ad can reach. For instance, a reach percentage of 50% means your ads can reach half of the audience that you want to target with the ads.

    You can calculate this by dividing the total target audience by the amount of audience reached.

    In our example, the reach percentage of our ad is 2,000 / 10,000 = 20%. You can use our percentage calculator to help with this calculation.

  2. Calculate the frequency per viewer

    The frequency per viewer is the number of ads that are seen by each viewer. For instance, a frequency per viewer of 2 means, on average, each viewer sees 2 ads. The TV ad in our example has a frequency per viewer of 4.

  3. Calculate the GRP

    The last step is to calculate the gross rating point (GRP). You can calculate the GRP using the following formula:

    GRP = reach percentage × frequency per viewer × 100

    Thus, the GRP in our example is 20% × 4 × 100 = 80 points.


Can GRP be negative?

No, the GRP can never be negative. This is because it is impossible to have negative reach and negative frequency per viewer when it comes to advertising. Both values must be positive, and therefore the GRP must also be positive.

How do I calculate the GRP?

You can calculate the GRP in three steps:

  1. Determine the reach percentage.

  2. Calculate the frequency per viewer

  3. Apply the GRP calculation formula:

    GRP = reach percentage × frequency per viewer × 100

What is the GRP if the reach is 15% and the frequency is 5?

The GRP will be 75 points. You can calculate this by multiplying the reach percentage by the frequency per viewer:

GRP = reach percentage × frequency per viewer × 100

= 15% × 5 × 100 = 75

What does reach percentage mean in advertising?

In advertising, reach is defined as the number of people that your advertisement can reach. Reach percentage is the proportion of people that you can reach within your target audience.

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