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With this additional funds needed calculator, we aim to help you to calculate the additional money needed by your business to fund extra resources.

We have written this article to help you understand what additional funds needed is, how to apply the additional funds needed equation in AFN calculation. We will also demonstrate some calculation examples to help you understand the process.

What is additional funds needed?

The additional funds needed is the amount of money a business needs to fund any extra resources that it needs.

The additional funds needed can be calculated by subtracting the increase in retained earnings and the increase in liabilities from the company's increased assets. It is also another way to measure the relative growth of the business's assets to the business's liabilities and sales.

If you are interested in understanding how to calculate retained earnings, be sure to visit our retained earnings calculator.

How to calculate additional funds needed? Additional funds needed equation

To understand the additional funds needed, let's take Company Alpha as an example:

  • Change in assets: $500,000
  • Change in liabilities: $250,000
  • Change in retained earnings: $50,000

You can calculate the additional funds needed in four steps:

  1. Determine the change in assets:

    The first step is to calculate the change in assets of the company. For Company Alpha, the change assets is $500,000.

  2. Determine the change in liabilities:

    You will then need to determine the change in liabilities of the business. The change liabilities for Company Alpha is $250,000.

  3. Determine the change in retained earnings:

    Then, you will need to calculate the change in retained earnings for the business. The retained earnings are the net income left after the dividends are distributed to the business's shareholders. The change retained earnings for Company Alpha is $50,000. If you would like to calculate the dividends of your company, our dividend calculator will make your job easy.

  4. Calculate the additional funds needed:

    The last step is to calculate the additional funds needed (AFN). You can do this by applying the additional funds needed formula:

    additional funds needed = change assets - change liabilities - change retained earnings.

    For Company Alpha, the additional funds needed is $500,000 - $250,000 - $50,000 = $200,000.

Are you interested in learning how to calculate net income? Our net income calculator is just the tool you need.

Why is it important to calculate AFN?

Understanding the additional funds needed, equation, and calculation is essential for a business. This is because for a business to expand, it needs to understand how much money it needs to grow to the size it desires.

Hence, by calculating AFN, the business can prepare itself financially before making major business decisions.


What is change in assets if assets is $20,000 lower at the end?

The change in assets will be $20,000. You can calculate this by deducting the beginning assets from the ending assets.

What is retained earnings?

Retained earnings are the net income of a company that is left after the dividends are paid out to the shareholders. They are usually reinvested into the business to grow the business further.

How can I calculate the AFN?

You can calculate the AFN in four steps:

  1. Determine the increase in assets.
  2. Determine the increase in liabilities.
  3. Determine the increase in retained earnings.
  4. Apply the additional funds needed formula: increase assets - increase liabilities - increase retained earnings.

What is liabilities in the balance sheet of a company?

Liabilities usually mean the debt that the company owes to another party. The liabilities of a company increase when it borrows money to develop its business.

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