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Price Per Share Calculator

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What is price per share?How to calculate price per share? Cost per share calculatorHere are some similar calculators

Our price per share calculator is expertly designed to assist investors in making informed stock-purchasing decisions. It offers a detailed evaluation of a stock's value based on its market capitalization and the total number of outstanding shares. This tool enables you to compare the value of shares from different companies, helping you identify more attractive investment options.

This guide will cover:

  • Understanding and significance of price per share calculations; and
  • Methods for comparing the value of shares from different companies.

We will also include practical examples to clearly demonstrate these concepts, enhancing your grasp of effective investment strategies.

What is price per share?

Price per share is a metric that assesses the value of a single share of stock by comparing the company's total market capitalization with the number of outstanding shares. This calculation helps potential investors understand the worth of a share, offering a standardized way to compare different stocks.

To calculate this, divide the company's total market capitalization by its total number of outstanding shares. This value provides an objective basis for comparing the shares of various companies, highlighting whether the stock represents a good value for its current market price.

This measure is particularly valuable in the stock market, where share prices and company valuations vary significantly, enabling more informed and strategic investment decisions.

How to calculate price per share? Cost per share calculator

To understand the price per share calculation, let's consider the example below:

  • Company market capitalization: $50,000,000
  • Number of outstanding shares: 1,000,000 shares
  1. Determine the number of outstanding shares.

    The first step is to ascertain the total number of outstanding shares of the company. In our example, there are 1,000,000 shares.

  2. Compute the company's market capitalization.

    The market capitalization is the total value of all the company's shares combined. For this example, the market capitalization is $50,000,000.

  3. Calculate the price per share.

    Now, calculate the price per share for the company using this formula:

    price per share = market capitalization / number of outstanding shares

    Hence, the price per share for this company is $50,000,000 / 1,000,000 = $50.

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