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Price per Acre Calculator

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Our price per acre calculator will help you calculate the land price per acre from its total cost and acreage. Further, it will help you compare two options and evaluate which one is cheaper per acre!

If you're wondering how to calculate the price per acre, go through the article below. We shall quickly look at the formula to calculate the price per acre with an example.

Calculating price per acre of land

If you're in the market to purchase land, there are many things to consider, the prime among them being price per acre. Just because the cost of a piece of land is within your budget doesn't always mean you're getting your buck's worth — you can only know that by calculating price per acre of the land (or another area unit of preference)!

An easy formula to calculate the price per acre is:

PPA=Total land costTotal land area\text{PPA} = \rm \frac{\text{Total land cost}}{\text{Total land area}}


  • PPA\text{PPA} — Price per unit area;
  • Total land cost\text{Total land cost} — Total cost of the land; and
  • Total land area\text{Total land area} — Total area of the land.

When we use acres as the unit of area, we obtain the price per acre.

Example cost per acre calculation

Let's say you come across two listings:

  1. A 25-acre plot of land that costs $309,900.
  2. An 18-acre parcel of land listed at $247,500.

At first glance, the second option appears cheaper. But is it really? Let's find out.

Let's start by calculating the cost per acre for the first option:

PPA=Total land costTotal land area=30990025=$12, ⁣396 per acre\begin{align*} \text{PPA} &= \rm \frac{\text{Total land cost}}{\text{Total land area}}\\[1em] &= \frac{309900}{\text{25}}\\[1em] &= \$ 12,\!396 \text{ per acre} \end{align*}

Now, let's calculate the land price per acre for the second option:

PPA=Total land costTotal land area=24750018=$13, ⁣750 per acre\begin{align*} \text{PPA} &= \rm \frac{\text{Total land cost}}{\text{Total land area}}\\[1em] &= \frac{247500}{\text{18}}\\[1em] & = \$ 13,\!750 \text{ per acre} \end{align*}

There we go! Despite the second option seemingly costing you less than the first one, the first option is cheaper than the second when we compare their price per acre!

How to use this price per acre calculator

Our price-per-acre calculator is simple to use:

  1. Enter option A's land area and total cost. You can enter the area in any unit you desire.

  2. This price per acre calculator will instantly determine the price per unit area.

  3. To compare this price per area with another option, enter option B's land area and total cost.

  4. The cost per acre calculator will automatically provide the following results:

    • Price per unit area for option B;
    • A text message concluding which option is cheaper when their price per acre is compared; and
    • How much will you save (per acre or unit area) if you choose the cheaper option.

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How do you calculate price per acre?

To calculate the price per acre of land, follow these steps:

  1. Find the total area of the land in acres.

  2. Divide the total cost of the land by the total area in acres.

  3. Verify the result with our price per acre calculator.

What is the cost of 17 acres if one acre costs $11,500?

The total cost of a 17-acre plot sold at $11,500 per acre is $195,500. To find this answer, multiply the price per acre with the total land area in acres:

17 ac × $11,500/ac = $195,000
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