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Cost per Minute Calculator

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Welcome to the Omni cost per minute calculator, a handy tool for determining the cost of a specific service or activity per minute. Whether you're a business owner managing hourly rates, trying to figure out how much per minute price you're paying for an arcade game, or simply curious about the economics of your daily life, our calculator is here to help!

Come along to get answers to some of the questions related to cost-per-minute and cost-per-hour calculations, such as:

  • How do I calculate pay per minute?
  • How do I calculate the price per hour?
  • How does the time cost calculator work?

And more! ⏲️

How to calculate cost per minute

To determine the cost of a service or activity per minute, use the formula below:

Cost per duration=Total costTotal duration\footnotesize \text{Cost per duration} = \frac{\text{Total cost}}{\text{Total duration}}

Let's utilize the formula in an example. Imagine you're interested in calculating the cost per minute of a psychological consulting service that charges $40 for a 60-minute session. To determine the value, divide the total cost ($40) by the total minutes (60 minutes). According to the results, your psychologist's calculated pay per minute is approximately $0.67.

You can apply the same formula to calculate the price per hour for a service. For example, if the service costs $120 and lasts 2 hours, dividing the total cost by two results in the hourly price of $60.

How does the time cost calculator work?

Using our time cost calculator is a straightforward process! Here's how it works:

  1. Begin by entering the duration of your activity according to your preferred time unit.
  2. Input the total cost associated with the activity.
  3. That's it! The calculator will automatically determine the cost per minute for your activity.

But that's not all – our versatile tool also functions as a cost per hour calculator. Remember, you can switch between units based on your preference.

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