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Sales Tax Calculator New Jersey

Created by Tibor Pál, PhD candidate
Reviewed by Wei Bin Loo and Adena Benn
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Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

We created this sales tax calculator for New Jersey to allow you to find the applicable sales tax based on the ZIP code and the price of your purchase made in New Jersey. By setting the purchase price and the ZIP code of the location of the purchase/delivery, you will instantly see the sales tax amount.

In the article below, we also explain several pertinent points, such as how to calculate the sales tax manually and how to use this calculator. Additionally, if you are wondering what items are exempt from sales tax in New Jersey, we have covered that too.

If you want to check a more general tool on this topic, have a look at our sales tax calculator. Or apply our tax bracket calculator if you wish to know more about Federal income tax.

What is the sales tax rate in New Jersey?

Sales tax in the US can be levied on three distinct levels* (jurisdictions):

  • State;
  • County; and
  • City/municipality.

As may happen in New Jersey, some counties also apply a special rate, a special tax levied on a county level.

However, citizens of New Jersey need to pay only on the state level, which is 6.625%. In Millville, however, a 2% special sales tax rate applies.

How do I use this Sales Tax Calculator New Jersey?

Now, let's see how to find out New Jersey sales tax with our calculator:

  1. Provide the below two inputs:
    • Purchase amount; and
    • Purchase location ZIP Code.
  2. You can read the results instantly at the bottom of our New Jersey sales tax calculator.

For example, let's say you live in New Jersey city, and your ZIP code is 7305. Also, let's suppose you purchased a car for $16,000. After entering 7305 as the ZIP Code and $16,000 as the purchase price, you will see the result of $1,060.00.

We will also show you the sales tax breakdown to check precisely how sales tax applies in New Jersey. In the present case, only a New Jersey sales tax rate of 6.625% on the state level applies.

How do I calculate sales tax in New Jersey?

Apply the following steps to find out the sales tax in New Jersey:

  1. Make a note of the purchase amount (add shipping cost, if applicable).
  2. Get the applicable sales tax rate; in the present case, the New Jersey state sales tax is 6.625%.
  3. Check if special sales tax applies in your case.
  4. Multiply the purchase amount by the sum of applicable rates.


What items are exempt from sales tax in New Jersey?

Certain items, such as food, clothing, drugs, and manufacturing/processing machinery and equipment, are exempt from sales tax in New Jersey. A resale exemption also exists. Besides, the specially designated Urban Enterprise Zones rate is one-half the sales tax rate.

Does New Jersey have sales tax?

Yes. In general, New Jersey applies a sales tax rate of 6.625% on a state level exclusively. The only exception is Millville, where an additional 2% special sales tax rate applies.

How much is sales tax in New Jersey on a $1,000 purchase?

You must pay a New Jersey sales tax of $66.25 if you make a $1,000 purchase in New Jersey. You can quickly get this number by multiplying the 6.625% state sales tax rate by $1,000.


This calculator uses state tax rates applicable in New Jersey in October 2022.

Use this tool for instructional purposes only and consider the results it returns as an estimation. If you experience any significant inaccuracy, let us know: we are always happy to receive helpful feedback and improve our tools.

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