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Percentage Discount Calculator

Created by Tibor Pál, PhD candidate, Mateusz Mucha and Hanna Pamuła, PhD
Reviewed by Bogna Szyk and Jack Bowater
Based on research by
Baye, M. Managerial Economics and Business Strategy; 2009See 1 more source
Jobber, D.; Lancaster, G.; Meunier-Fitzhugh K.L. Selling and Sales Management, 11th Edition; 2019
Last updated: Apr 18, 2024

This simple percentage discount calculator is here to help you in everyday situations. It's the perfect tool if you want to determine how much you need to pay after a discount and how much money you are saving.

Also, if you're interested:

  • We will show you step-by-step how to calculate the percentage discount;
  • We'll unveil the percentage discount formulas behind it; and
  • Also discuss some percentage discount examples.


What is percentage discount?

A discount implies a reduced price. And when this reduced price, a.k.a discount, is expressed as a percentage, it is known as a percentage discount.

The next time you see a 20% discount on your favorite shirt, know that it means that the original price of the sweater is reduced by 20%. Let's say the shirt costs $50. After a 20% discount, it will cost $40.

It might sound a bit too mathematical, but that is why we have this fantastic tool; to keep all your affairs math-free.

Percentage discount calculator

The percentage discount calculator is like a dream come true for the shopaholics among us. And no matter how much money you have, we all love discounts.

Let's dive in and see how to use this tool:

  • First, input the actual sale price of the product. It is the price before the discount;

  • Next, input the discount offered in percentage;

  • Finally, the tool displays two results:

    • Price after discount; and
    • The amount you saved.

Suppose you enter the sale price as $700 and the discount percentage as 25%. The calculator tells you that the price after discount is $525, which means you saved $175 on your purchase.

Percentage discount formula

We know what results we get from the tool based on our inputs. It is time we take a look at the formula behind this convenient tool.

The first formula is the percentage discount formula, which determines the price after the discount:

Price after discount = Original Price - (Original price × Discount %)

The second formula estimates the amount you save after the discount is applied:

Saving = Original price - Price after discount

How to calculate percentage discount

Don't you think it would be even better if you were at your favorite shop and you were able to calculate the discount amount at your fingertips without asking the salesperson?

Let's determine the percentage discount with an example.

You decide to buy a beautiful handbag costing $250, but it has a discount of 30%. The first thing you need to do is determine 30% of 250. And then subtract it from the cost price of the bag.

Price after discount = Original Price - (Original price × Discount %)

Price after discount = 250 - (250 × 30%)

Price after discount = 250 - (250 × 30/100)

Price after discount = 250 - (75)

Price after discount = $175

So, the price after a discount of 30% is $175.

Next, let's see how much you save in this percentage discount example.

Saving = Original price - Price after discount

Saving = $250 - $175

Saving = $75

Saving $75 seems to be a pretty good deal.

✅ If you're searching for more discount options, check out our comprehensive discount calculator (apart from this basic percent off calculator, it also includes 3 for 2, % of a second product, double discount, and many more). It also provides a visual comparison between the original and discounted price and lets you input the sales tax. To read more about sales tax and its calculation, visit our sales tax calculator.


How do I calculate the dollar amount from the percentage discount?

To compute how much you save from a discount, apply the following discount formula:

discounted price = original price - (original price × discount / 100).

Don't hesitate to use an online discount calculator if you struggle with computations!

How do I calculate the final price given discount?

To find the discounted price, follow these steps:

  1. Take the original price.
  2. Multiply it by the discount percentage and divide the result by 100.
  3. Subtract the result from the original price.
  4. That's your final price. Enjoy your savings!

How do I calculate the price before discount?

To determine the price before a discount is applied, you need to:

  1. First, divide the discount percentage by 100.

  2. Subtract this number from 1.

  3. Divide the post-sale price by this new number.

  4. Here you go. That's the original price before the applied discount. As you can see, the formula we've applied reads:

    Original price = Discounted price / (1 - Discount / 100).

How do I calculate discount given pre- and post-sale prices?

To determine the discount percentage given the original and the discounted price, you need to apply the following formula:

Discount = 100 × (Original price - Discounted price) / Original price.

This can be written in words as:

  1. Subtract the final price from the original price.
  2. Divide this number by the original price.
  3. Finally, multiply the result by 100.

What is the discount if the price went from $120 to $90?

The discount is 25%. To verify this answer, observe that 25% of $120 is $30 and $120 - $30 = $90, which is the discounted price we wanted to obtain.

Of course, you can answer all of the above questions by inputting the given values into our percentage discount calculator – it knows exactly which formula should be used. 😉

Tibor Pál, PhD candidate, Mateusz Mucha and Hanna Pamuła, PhD
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