Percentage Discount Calculator

By Mateusz Mucha and Hanna Pamuła, PhD candidate
Last updated: Feb 27, 2020
Percentage discount calculator is a handy tool for determining the savings and price after discount.
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This simple percentage discount calculator is here to help you in everyday situations. It's the perfect tool if you want to determine how much you need to pay after a discount and how much money you are saving. Also, if you're interested, we will show you step by step how to calculate the percentage discount, and we'll unveil the discount formulas behind it. Ready?

If you're searching for more discount options check out our comprehensive discount calculator (apart form this basic percent off, it also includes 3 for 2, % of second product, double discount and many more). It also provides a visual comparison between the original and discounted price, and lets you input the sales tax.

How to calculate percentage discount? Percentage discount formulas

The basic discount formula may be written as:

discounted_price = original_price - (original_price * discount / 100)

You can reformulate this expression, depending on what you're searching for. So, what is your question?

  1. How can I find the final price? aka How do I calculate an X% discount?

    In this case you use the basic formula mentioned above!

    1. Take the original price.
    2. Multiply it by the discount and divide the result by 100.
    3. Subtract the new number from the original price
    4. That's your final price. Enjoy your savings!
  2. How do I calculate the price before discount?

    Transform the basic formula into this form:

    original_price = discounted_price / (1 - discount / 100)

    1. First, divide the discount by 100.
    2. Subtract this number from 1.
    3. Divide the post-sale price by this new number.
    4. Here you go, that's the original price before the applied discount.
  3. How do I calculate discount in percentages?

    Reformulate the basic equation to:

    discount = 100 * (original_price - discounted_price) / original_price

    1. Subtract the final price from the original price.
    2. Divide this number by the original price.
    3. Finally, multiply the result by 100.
    4. You've obtained a discount in percentages. How awesome!

Of course, you can answer all those questions by inputting the given values to our percentage discount calculator - it knows exactly which formula should be used ;)

Mateusz Mucha and Hanna Pamuła, PhD candidate
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